Artist Blog Hop

Thanks to Kelly Watts for the link.


Sharon said…
OK, I did that Beth but how do I add this to my blog? So cool.
yes i've added this blog link...and that's what has led me here to your blog!

nice to meet you...

I'm number 106 on the list....and I do hope you'll come by and visit with me too!

ciao bella
creative carmelina
NatashaMay said…
Just popping in to say hi to fellow blog hopper! :) I see you've taken Norah's faces too. I love that workshop.
Hi Beth!...Love this many talented artisits...And I Love your blog!Very colorful and your posts are very inspiring!...I hope its okay, I added a link to your blog in my blog post today(I had a need to share...:)...)I enjoy your artwork,thanks virginia...:)