Beautfiul Sunny Day!

Just horsing around this morning, hee, hee, hee! To the left is a photo I took in 2008 (I think this was Arizona) while I was out west doing a marathon show trip, 5 states in two weeks YIKES!!

I changed over to Firefox this morning from a suggestion from my web wizard over at ArtBiz and finally I can get pictures uploaded again YEAH!!!! Hmmm, guess I will have to go out and take some more, maybe when it snows, which should be soon - right now everything is just basic winter brown...

It is really a beautiful day here today, sunny and not a cloud in the sky - really makes you want to go out and play, except that it is in the 30's right now so I think I am going to wander off to my nice warm studio and, oh my gosh, finally make some art!
Hope you all are having a nice weekend filled with fun and/or art.
(yup, Beth is back - just too much of the Liz thing for me so I came running back home to the safety of my well worn but comfortable "Beth")LOL


Angela said…
Hi Beth, I found you through Ansota's Blog Hop. I'm in England now but originally from NH, I miss it!
Cortney said…
Glad to see Beth is back! It is also on the chilly side here, so I will enjoy the sunshine from the comfort of my couch via the window!