Blog Issues, Art Issues and Life!

A beautiful giveaway I won from my very dear friend Linda over at

a nice close-up of the words, which are oh so true. It now sits above my desk at home and I look at it each and every day! Thanks bunches Linda...

(Recently I made the dire mistake of upgrading IE to a beta version 9. It seems to interfere with the proper functioning of everything! Currently on my blog I can't upload images nor can I move things around on my side bar. I am going to have to do some research to find out how to delete version 9 and go back to 8. Geez!!) After several days of struggling I finally got rid of IE completely and went to Firefox and am MUCH happier now.

One really nice thing happened a few days ago, which I would show you a picture of if only I could upload a picture, so I will just have to tell you about it instead. I actually won a giveaway! It couldn't be lovlier is a calligraphed quote: "We are each of us angels with only one wing And we can only fly embracing each other", and it is done with alternating colors of the rainbow - my friend Linda is a very talented calligrapher! I just love the sentiment of the quote. Wowwewowwow!

Well, since this seems to be a catching up post I guess I will confess to a major crisis of confidence going on in my life. As some of you know I am working on a website (we won't talk about all the issues I am having with that) and I look at my art and think, who wants to see this amateurish stuff? I am taking lots of classes to learn new techniques, so much so that I am really quite overwhelmed and can't settle down enough to finish, hell, start any of them. I dilligently download the videos, when allowed, print out all the PDF's and neatly put them into my class binders...and then nothing!  I keep worrying about finding my own artistic voice, not wanting to immitate others but I get within reach and it slips away silently back into the darkness. My inner critic is laughing her face off, having a grand ole time and my muse is nowhere to be seen.

I know all the things I am doing wrong - looking at too much of the big picture instead of narrowing down and focusing on just one class at a time. It just seems that everything is important and is vieing to be done first and I can't do everything first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ok, Beth get a grip on yourself, pick yourself up and dust yourself off and write out a plan...I guess with time frames and goals?!
Ok, I am going to stop whinning something.

I hope you all are having a beautiful fall...
Much love and hugs,

(soon to be Beth again - as soon as I can find the link to the signature program!) :D


Linda M. said…
Beth, Sorry things are so frustrating right now. Somtimes you need to walk away from it, go outside for a walk. And sometimes you just need to start something, anything and go with it as it comes. Don't over-think. It may lead you were you want to go. Hope you get your blog issues worked out.