First Snowfall of the Season

What a nice surprise I woke to this morning - we finally have received our first taste of winter with the fall of our first snow! OK, I know it is just a dusting but it made everything look all sparkly and magical with the tiny white crystals scattered to and fro covering the brown remains of Fall. The view is a smidge biased as I didn't venture any further than the edge of my front door so you are seeing my front yard and driveway - but that is the beauty of living in the woods - you are so close to nature you just step out of your front door and it's there waiting for you!

I hope everyone is doing well with their holiday shopping, mostly internet if you are anything like me and almost done. If you are not finished with your shopping yet I would like to put a plug in for a friend who has the cutest boutique in NY with the most amazingly drop dead gorgeous eye candy around and has just gotten her website up which you can visit at Mary Anne's Irish Gift Shop or you can call her if you have trouble with her website, she is still working on some bugs, at ( 718) 549-7660 and tell her Beth told you about her shop.

Mary Anne's Irish Gift Shop

Short and sweet...
Big Hugs,


Cortney said…
I have to admit that I do miss the smell, look, feel, and pure beauty of the first snow fall of the year. I don't think I'll be getting any this year in southern CA considering it's still in the 80's this week. Yuck. It's really hard to gee into the holiday spirit wearing shorts and t-shirts. I'm a sweat shirt kinda gal.
Electra said…
Oh wow, I love your pics, Beth-the first snowfall is always the best snowfall, IMO!
And your blog looks WONDERFUL!!