For All of You Who Are Missing the Snowfall of Winter...this is for you!

This picture really captured the snowflakes
My favorite old chair that I found behind the barn

Yes, Louise that is snow coming down!
It started snowing a couple of hours ago and we have accumulated about 2" or so - nothing to speak of - YET! Just thought all of you out there on the west coast who are snowless might appreciate the view from here in the north east.


basketsbyrose said…
Our snow stop this morning! It is beautiful this time of year!
Nice Snow pictures. I am so glad it is warm inside. Have a great Holiday.
Mary Ann
Cortney said…
I see you have a new banner going on and background...I like it. I love anything with that pretty shade of turquoise.

I have to admit that I am slightly jealous of the snow, we've have 6 days of solid rain. I am thankful it hasn't been 6 days of snow, but I wouldn't mind a little white stuff for Christmas.