One World One Heart 2011 - The Fifth and Last Event

 We all know that a part of our heart and soul goes into our posts on our blogs. Some days we seem not to be able to find any words and other days the words stream from our minds and to our fingers. In my blog hopping today I ran across this "One World One Heart" event that begins January 30th, 2011, and fell in love with the idea immediately - just to travel the world without the expense and the lugging of baggage we can go out and meet fellow blogging friends from all corners of the world - how awesome is that?

As artists - whether it be writing (our blogging fits here), photography, calligraphy, doll making, quilting, painting, book arts, paper arts, mixed media, jewelry making and everything in-between we all need friends who understand us and can commiserate with us when our muses seem to have left for vacation as well as share in the joy when we can't seem to do anything wrong. We encourage each other, inspire each other...are there for one another.  Sometimes we need to forget about art for business sake and just concentrate on being "real" friends even if it is across an ocean! That is the beauty of our blogging sisterhood - we are no longer isolated by borders and we have found we have much in common - sharing our joys and failures with one another and having an artist friend who understands and listens when we feel lost and alone and talks to us about new ideas and techniques...well, I think you get the whole point of this event - it's sole purpose is for us to make new blogging friends whom we can communicate with and share in the joys and sorrows of life with. If you are interested in participating click the link above and read the instructions - who knows, you may make some new friends for life! What a wonderful thought!  I know I am going to about you? Remember, the event begins on January 30th, 2011.
Well, that's about it...
Big Hugs,