Another Cabin Fever Wintery Day in New England

Today is one of those typical snowy looking days that yields a great big fat case of Cabin Fever! Yup, I've got it! I have some pictures coming for your general amusement/enjoyment, I just uploaded them from my camera and to my blog.

I don't want to complain (but of course I will just a little bit - what are friends for after all) LOL Some of you know I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia this past year and I am doing my best to look at the bright side of it...since I can no longer work I get to be a full-time artist...wonderful you say, and I agree. However, I am still adapting and learning about this disease and one thing that distresses me to the max is that often I just don't have the energy to get to my studio. I can work through the pain most of the time but the exhaustion is the hard part - if anyone has any ideas or familiarity with the disease I am all ears! It is frustrating because I have all these great ideas and experiments I want to do all in my head at the moment because my body isn't willing -"note to self, I must have a conversation with Ely, (hmmm, where is that girl anyway - I haven't seen her all morning) well, anyway, surely she has some ideas that involves waving her creative magic wand "! OK, I feel better getting that off my chest...on to more enlightening thoughts...

Picture of what used to be my front yard and driveway - the snow is so deep it is only about 6" away from my window sill!

Note outside of my beloved porch that my back steps have almost disappeared in the snow

closer view just in case you didn't believe me!

yes tht is snow's depth up against the right side of window, and my porch sits on stilts that are about 4 ft. tall!

View from my meadow outside of my bedroom window - I knew I should have bought those snow shoes this year!

Ahhh, back in the warmth of my little work space in our bedroom

A little better view of my workspace

Even my overseer is napping this morning - now, lets see what I can get away with whilst his highness snoozes!

Does everyone know that Misty Mawn - that teacher of artistic magic is coming out with a new book soon  where she shares some of her magical techniques with those of us who have not been lucky enough to catch a class with her? You can pre-order it from Amazon if you are interested...

I have revived my other blog French Country Barn where I am going to write about my adventures with learning Photoshop Elements and show some of my work as I progress, so, you might want to hop over there to check it out at some point (no work up yet because I don't start my first digital class until Feb. 15 but do keep an eye out if you are interested in adding your own digital art to your mixed media work...) It should be an adventure :D
Hugs to you all and stay warm to those of you in snowland...


WrightStuff said…
Brrrr...... cats have the right idea snuggling up warm :)
Jules Woolford said…
After seeing your snowy photos I will not complain that it's cold here any longer,as today we saw sunshine and heard birdsong. Keep warm!
hi beth! i love your space here and am so happy to find you ... : )
i wanted to come by to say how much i appreciated and loved your comment on kelly's posting at the today ... i love the way you worded the same sentiments i have been feeling ...
you are right ~ there seems to be a few of us out 'here' with the same scenario ... needing to see the white space ... : )
cheers! love your art!