Blogger Issues, again, and Valentines Day a day late...

Hello all of my lovely friends - I am a day late with my Valentine's Day sentiment for all of you because of technical issues yet again with Blogger. I am unable to add pictures, even my signature at the bottom is not loading. However, I can add words so this morning when I was out and about reading some of my favorite blogs for some much needed inspiration I found this poem and realized that although a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes we need just the words. With that I offer you this beautiful poem for all of the hearts and souls out there who sometimes need a little something to uplift and push them along when they get a little lost on this beautiful journey of being an artist...
I Love Myself
"I love myself the way I am,
There's nothing I need to change,
I'll always be the perfect me,
There's nothing to rearrange.
I'm beautiful and capable of being
The best me I can.
And I love myself just the way I am.
I love you just the way you are,
There's nothing you need to do,
When I feel the love inside myself,
It's easy to love you.
Behind your fears, your rage and tears,
I see your shining star.
And I love you just the way you are.
I love the world the way it is
'Cause I can clearly see
That all the things I judge are done
By people just like me.
So till the birth of peace on earth
That only love can bring,
I'll help it grow by loving everything.
I love myself the way I am and
Still I want to grow.
But change outside can only come
When deep inside I know
I'm beautiful and capable of being
The best me I can.
And I love myself just the way I am. "
by Jai Josefs
Hugs to you all and hopes that your Valentine's Day was
filled with much love, both inner and outer!


Happy late Valentine's Day! Sorry you had blogger issues - that is never fun. Regardless, thank you for the heartfelt words! Theresa
ByLightOfMoon said…
Hi Beth,
Many thanks for your kind comments on my OWOH blog. I have already entered your blog I believe so I am posting here, I adore your snow window photos. I would love to sit with my cup of coffee and just watch it come down. Now, in Alabama we never get what you have so I don't have to drive in it though so easy for me to say!
I do love your beautiful blog, the digital things you have added and maybe a free class, I could try! You do have many beautiful links to wander though.

I also have a disability, "Neuropathy" so it is hard for me to sit at the computer for long periods so I am always on and off. I hope you can figure out a comfortable fibo treatment for you. My Mother does very well with it, Fingers crossed always! She is 80 now and fine!
Your blue color and inspiration messages are awesome, my goodness I though I saw a leaf move on your time clock, hey, I think it really did I have been here so long! HA ha
It is neat, oh it is a catepillar. Oh, I just love that!
Oh , I thought I lost this when I clicked to se the catepillar better, thanks goodness, you are still here. I wonder if it turns into a butterfly if I stay here long enough!
I will return,
Smiles, cyndi
Lenora said…
Beth - you have won our journal - please conmtact me at or by leaving a comment on I will need an address for mailing!

And the winner is...

so we had to replace the over flowing magic bowl
with a magic hamper!

Thank you all for the lovely comments - this sure was fun!

drum roll please..

I always wanted to use these gloves again - they are from my wedding a long time ago!

Congratulations to Beth P of New Hampshire!

I have updated the journal photos below and will post the whole journal in a couple fo days so that those who did not win can have a peak at the whole thing - Beth you may not want to look - you may want to keep it a surprise!
WrightStuff said…
Hey Beth you won my art print! Drop me an email at with your mailing address!
Jules Woolford said…
So sorry about your Blogger problems,Beth. Those pesky digital gremlins get everywhere!

What a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing it with us. Julesx