Tears Falling Freely Now

Why do you cry?
 I do not know - it comes from deep within without understanding
I ask
From where does this darkness come - casting its cold shadow upon my heart
My sight is clouded from the tears that pour out from my soul
The pain saddens me so, I have no words - only tears come now
Why must this be the way?
The angels are coming, I can hear their song more clearly now...
Why must this be the way?
I want desperately to understand but no knowledge comes
Only tears and pain from deep within
Not wanting to let her go,
but 8 short years together, surely it can't be time?
Soon she will be frolicking in the warmth of the sun's rays
dancing amongst the daisies and black eyed Susans
Making new friends and rekindling old
in her new home far away from me
Out of sight
Where did she go?
No longer will I stroke her tawny fur, gently rubbing her nose
whilst discussing with her the days wonderous plans...
We have shared much together in conversations that no other knows
I share this with my friends now - I need them to know of my pain and tears shed for
one whom I love and soon shall see no more
Why do I need to share this deeply opening wound...
because I do not understand...
Why do you cry so?
I am told she will be in a gentler place, warm and happy
The door is opening now -
it is almost time
speak your goodbyes
Why must this be the way?
Joheved (Yo-hev-ed)
Joheved has been my beloved bunny for 8 years and now she has cancer and soon the decision must be made...


Cortney said…
That is beautifully written and I'm so sorry to hear about your bunny. I know how it is to loose a cuddly companion and it hurts. My thoughts will be with you.
Romeo said…
Oh no :* I am so sorry. Not too long ago, we lost our Arwen to cancer, a rare form. She was only 6 1/2. I am so sorry - I know the pain, the hurt, the questions and the longing....my heart goes out to you.....sending you hugs during this difficult time.

"Her" and Romeo
I am so, so sorry to hear about your sweet and beautiful bunny. Big hugs to you...it is always hard and painful to see our beloved furry family members in pain. I know this all too well. Take care and know we are thinking of you...Theresa
Jules Woolford said…
I am so sorry, I feel deeply for you, it's so awful to have to make that decision. I have been there and I do understand.
I am thinking of you.xxx
pchickki said…
I have two rodhesian ridgeback dogs 5 years old and my husband and I were just talking yesterday about what an empty hole there will be when they are not with us any longer. This is a heartbreaking decision and my heart goes out to you.

I am your friend on DIgital Whisper. Nice to meet you.

I love your background and I am now a follower of your blog :)