Wouldn't You Just Know It

The last post you found me stressing over not being able to upload photos or arrange my posts as I wanted. Well, after much consternation, hair pulling out, deleting of possible suspect blog links and entire programs I came to find out that everything was due to my stupidity. Yup, no other word for it. My blogger issues were all due to my relatively recent blond moment, "yes, Ely I can say that because I am blond"! Anyway, where was I, oh yes, my blond moment - I actually downloaded a beta version of a program...YIKES! To be specific it was a beta version of IE 9, which apparently does not work and play well with anything else in cyberworld. Pfffff, well you can bet I deleted that puppy quick as a bunny, "Ely, I know there a bunch of animal metaphors there but since I am the one who LOVES animals, I think the animal police will let me slide on this one"! Now, I am not saying it was easy to delete this delirious program...first I had to upload the fix for IE9 and then delete it all in order to go back to my original perfectly user friendly IE8! Whew...
Problem being appropriately dispensed with how about we shift back to ART and take a peek at what I have been up to lately..."OK Ely, I think they can see these are collages"... a relatively new fascination! Hope you like them

"A Girl Like You" mixed media collage

"My Soul Sings with Childlike Dreams" collage
Well, that is enough rambling for now, off to my studio to work on some of the umpteen swaps I have signed up for...
Have a wonderfully creative week,


Beckie Holso said…
We want to thank you for visiting the Paper Traders Art Blog during the OWOH event. Knowing full well that it is impossible to see everything during the blog hop, we are inviting you to come back and visit us again soon. On our Freebies page, we have added more free images for you to download; they'll only be available for a limited time, so don’t delay!

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I can SO relate- to the blond thing and more importantly the IE 9 Beta thing! I did the same thing a while back and even tho' it's no longer anywhere in my files, my computer hasn't worked properly since! I can't use ANY version of IE anymore, and I LOVE IE! Sorry for the vent, I just had to let you know you're not alone!
By the way, I love your collages especially the "My Soul Sings" beautiful!
Ilove "my soul sings... jusy beautiful