Sunday Shadow Shoot Challenge

I thought I was in the minority of people fascinated with the play of light in cast shadows. I have always loved translucent things, which in my mind's eye represent things that are there, almost but not quite. One can imagine through the translucent layers the underlying images playing hide-and-seek with the viewers eyes and mind. Is there something else there lingering just out of reach - or not? Shadows elicit the same thoughts in my mind. So, you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon where you get to go out and photograph...what else...shadow play! Without further adue (hmmm, sp?) here is my shadow image for this week's challenge #149 -(yes, that is snow, yes, it is in my yard, YES! we still have snow! *sigh*)

Happy shadow hunting!
Ciao for now,


Jules Woolford said…
Oh this is a lovely idea - except we are back to rain and grey gloom here! x
Tammy said…
This is a lovely shot.