On to a New Life

Today my beloved bunny has finally left me to go on to bunny heaven to play and romp in the warmth of the sun and gentle breezes hopping around with all of her bunny relatives and never to be in pain again. May she be happy for all eternity and I thank her for gracing my life with her presence for 8 years of joy and companionship. I will never stop loving you Joheved my darling little bunny!

Watercolor by a friend who is an intuitive artist -
Nina Chrysler

My Beloved Joheved
2003 - 2011


Janet Ghio said…
I'm so sorry about your bunny.
Beadwright said…
I too am so sorry that your bunny has gone on to the other side. Maybe she is playing with my dog.
Sending hugs
Edie said…
You are in my thoughts. I'm so sorry that her journey takes her away from you, but I'm very happy that she had so many wonderful days to fill with you before she left. I will light a candle for her to have a wonderful and awe-filled journey.

Edie said…
I am so sorry that you have had to let her continue her journey without you, but I am glad that the two of you had such wonderful days before she had to say goodbye. I will light a candle for her wonder and awe-filled journey, and for solace for you, my friend. To know the unconditional love of our companions is no small blessing.


Sandy Ang said…
So sorry about your beloved bunny. It's hard to lose a pet that's almost like one of the family
I am so so sorry to hear of Joheved's passing. Your loving memories will forever fill your heart. Big hugs to you. Theresa
It's so sad to loose a faithful friend.
joanna said…
Sorry about your bunny. I'm sure she had a wonderful life with you.
Romeo said…
I am happy that Joheved is now well again, enjoying a good frolic and leap through high green grasses and whisker kisses with other bunnies. For you Beth, I am sorry that you are sad and hurting for the loss of your friend. There WILL come a day sometime down the road though, when you will be together again...

Purr and whisker smooches,

Romeo and "her"
Karin Bartimole said…
I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your sweet bunny companion. I have been through the loss of a very dear rabbit friend, too, and there is something about their gentle souls that is different from all other pets I've known... May your memories be sweet and soothing to your heart.
xo Karin