Spring Around the Corner?

Here in New Hampshire one never knows when spring will really arrive, or if she will arrive. Often we just seem to go straight into an early summer and spring is skipped all together! New snow fell yesterday leaving a new layer of 5" on the ground but luckily it was a heavy wet snow and thus is melting quickly. I do so look forward to the tiny green buds breaking out on the lilac bush and my azaelia bush that is a flaming orange color...but alas not yet! I thought in the meantime I would add some photographs of some of the things I have been up to lately while I haven't been blogging. As you know, I am taking oodles of online classes and I am happy to say I have been quite busy working on them. I have actually finished some pieces so ...

A fun background - a little busy but still fun!

Another background to play with some more!

Pencil face sketch for a drawing class

Mixed media beeswax - prehistoric cave art horses

Izabo - one of my cloth dolls gets a face and headress make-over

side view of Izabo's new headress
 Well, back to the studio for me...hope you all have a lovely and creative weekend!


Janet Ghio said…
Wonderful art! I love the prehistoric horses and the pencil drawing is very good!!
Very impressive work!
pchickki said…
I love the backgrounds. Soft and beautiful !! Great job :)
Thanks for sharing snippets of all these works. Just beautiful! Theresa