Lilacs Anyone?

Yes, finally spring is really and truly here in my neck of New England. How do I know you ask, I have the most luscious smell wafting through my windows at the moment... my lilacs are in bloom. It is magical, yesterday you couldn't smell a thing, today the house is filled with the wonderful scent of spring. I even braved the nasty little black flies who fared quite well while I was out snapping a few pictures for you - I think I am probably their favorite hors d'oeuvres! 



Kay L. Davies said…
Oh, just gorgeous!
We've had a few days of rain, so I haven't been out to check on my lilacs, but I think they might be in bloom, too. Thanks for the reminder!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Cortney said…
Oh, I love the smell of lilacs! They are just beautiful to look at and smell and it is defiantly a staple of New England living.
I just adore lilacs! Ours have come and gone - but oh the scent they gave us! Enjoy! Theresa
Electra said…
Mmmm, I can smell them. Thank you. Ours should be in bloom by August.