Lots of Thought and Contemplation to the Road of Simplicity

As you have noticed, I have not really posted anything of much substance for some time. I have been in a fog over which direction to go with my art, and just about came to a complete stand still for a good long while! No, my muse did not run off on vacation again, but she was chattering away so much that I was all over the place. I am an eclectic soul, as I have admitted to before, "yes, Ely, they know you are eclectic as well!" But I am sure you will all agree that coming to a hault is not, well, very productive. I even got desperate and talked this all over with poor innocent hubbie who is pretty, shall we say, 'clueless' about my art except to tell me he likes it, "yes, clearly he has read the fine print of the husband bylaws!" lol. Something just had to change - I simply can't do everything and I really do need to get in gear and sell some stuff - or hubbie might be so inclined to rewrite some of those bylaws! YIKES!
So, you will see much streamlining having occurred to my blog and I have finally come to a decision of which direction my art must go. I say 'must' because my mind, "OK Ely, and your constant advice," always returns to handmade books and cards. So it is to be...from now on you will be seeing a lot more of my handmade books and cards.
Now, don't misunderstand me..."I mean really - there's no reason to get crazy here" I will still will make the odd doll here and there as well as continue sketching and painting but for a while anyway I must, must must get something, anything, into my Etsy shop... So, it is with a light heart that I turn the page into yet another chapter in the saga of Beth and Ely at work in the studio!