Shadow Shot Sunday #155

Yes, it's that time again. Early Sunday morning, well, it is already in Australia where this weekly challenge is hosted from. So, without further delay here is my shadow shot for this week.

Antique Mason jars and milk bottles casting their elongated shadows
across the porch floor accompanied by my lovely geranium in the fore corner
Out on my porch, where it is just barely getting warm enough to sit out on as long as the sunbeams are shining in - sheesh - where is spring? Maybe it is just that the winter was so long and hard this year I am being impatient but no, spring is definitely dragging her feet this year! Maybe next week it will be sunny and something will be blooming so I can stop chasing my cat around with my camera trying to get an interesting or at least a cute shadow shot! LOL

Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you all next week with something considerably more interesting.
Hugs and Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there, (remember you are still a mom even if your child is of the furry variety!)


chubskulit said…
Beautiful shadow pattern.

My Shadow Shots
Love the kitty in the chair!! And the glass jars with the muted colors and the shadows they cast in the sunlight are PURRfect.

Sand and Seaweed Shadows

My link above, if you care to pay me a visit. Have a great Sunday!!
Ms. Becky said…
thanks for recognizing us who are "mothers" to our kitties. I have 3 sisters, and they light up my life in so many ways. yours is adorable sunning herself there on the chair. it's been a very slow-coming spring for us here to this year. the past week began with a string of days with highs in the 30's. happy SSS, and I hope you have a wonderful week.
Dianne said…
This is such a peaceful shot. Very nice.
Diane said…
What a lovely serene photo!
Have a wonderful day!
Joan said…
They always find the warm spot to lay. :)
Romeo said…
Hmmmmm.....a shadow shot of Raphael....that gives me an idea....I wonder if I could get "her" to get one of me.....cause don't you know that I would cast the most ferocious, huge shadow ever?!?! Oh yes! I bet the voles outside have just paused in their eating of "her" hosta's as they hear these thoughts....I think they are trembling right now at the mere thought of the long ferocious shadow I plan to cast tomorrow....Raphael, dude, I really think you should slow down a bit and give your Mom a chance to get this picture. I mean it would probably be one of the very best ones ever, don't you think?!! Yes sir, cats with shadows tomorrow.....


Emakesart said…
Happy shadow shot sunday and mother's day to you! I know I'm a bit late, but I'm here. I haven't stopped by to say "hi" in a while, so "hi"! I love the shadows coming through the bottles and how comfy your cat looks! Enjoy your week, I hope it treats you well. : )