Springtime Haiku

Haiku Master

since morning glories
hold my well bucket hostage
I beg for water

Chiyo-ni (1703-1775), also known as Kaga no Chiyo is one of the foremost of all female haijin and one of the few women represented for hundreds of years in a genre dominated by men.
Quote and photo from Ray's Web

In deference to early spring in northern New England...


pchickki said…
Morning glory is one of my favorite flowers. The smell is so lovely.
MaryN said…
Love the haiku poem and photo of morning glories!!

So glad I found you through the miz kate dot com Artist blog hop!
I am your newest blog follower. :)
Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts!

I welcome you to check out my art blog, too!

Mary C. Nasser