Studio Reorganization - To Be or Not to Be?

A little picture of some wildflowers in the meadow I thought were too pretty to pass by - they are the most lovely pale shade of lavendar, and the bee is just a bonus! Now for my tale of wowe, or so I thought...a few days ago I was watching YouTube videos of several women's studio reorganization projects - well the finished results anyway and beautious they were! :D yours truly got inspired! Trouble lurking around the corner - if only I had stopped to mull it over for a couple of minutes but no - instead I ran straight into my studio with all these wonderful ideas swirling around in my head while Ely, my muse sat in a corner quietly ( I should have realized something was up because Ely is rarely quiet..."well, I am sorry Ely but it is true!". Anyway, I overlooked two really important points -1) I have a very small space and it is overstuffed, yes, I actually used that word - "overstuffed" and 2) I don't have all those lovely little white cubical cabinets that many others seem to own! Undaunted, I began moving this and moving that until all of a sudden it seemed like everything was in the middle of the floor or out in the hallway. "Hmmmm, this is not what I had in mind ", as I grew more frustrated and hot (it was almost 90 degrees! - another salient detail I overlooked in my new found zeal). My frustration now growing exponentially I stop to take a  look around and see that it does not look any better or more organized and definitely not what I would call "cute"! Almost in tears I put the last bits and pieces away in whatever place looked reasonable, and sat down at my work desk to find that nothing electrical on my desk was now working! "Oh no", I yell to my muse Ely - who is now  sitting on top of a bookcase out of the way watching all the amusing (in her mind) chaos, "the plug simply cannot be unplugged!" (She wisely chose to stay silent on the matter). Distressed I ran to DH who said he would help me in the morning. Not the answer I was looking for but, "OK", since he is quite a bit taller thus having a better chance of reaching behind the cabinet where the plug resides. First thing in the morning hubs goes into my studio and asks what I need done and I tell him the plug is unplugged for all of my stuff on my desk - he looks behind the cabinet and declares that both plugs are firmly in their sockets! "They can't be" I say in utter disbelief while he unassumingly walks over to the light switch on the wall and flips it...yep, you guessed it - everything turns on! I must have hit the switch when I was rearranging that side of the room! Just a little postscript - in the morning light through cooler and untired eyes my studio was indeed now more organized :D (Still none of those adorable white cubical cabinets or the leopard print rug I have been drooling over for several years - but at least more organized) :D
Hope you are all having a fabulously creative day,


Kay L. Davies said…
I love it! But I'm jealous that you actually did manage to get organized. I've actually hired a professional organizer and ended up not being able to find anything afterward.
I love the phrase "cubical cabinets"! It's ever so perfectly descriptive.
The story about the light switch made me chuckle, because, in our house, my husband would be the one who'd accidentally unflip the switch and then panic, giving me an opportunity to flip it back again and gloat.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Electra said…
Oh My Gosh, I just spewed my coffee all over my computer monitor!! You are so funny! And Ely should be ashamed of herself for not stopping you.
Hey, don't covet those documents on my desk, they're from my relatives, not yours, you wouldn't find them interesting at all! :-)