Time for a New Post Already!

Writing is such a freeing and simultaneously constraining act. Certainly our brains are filled daily with idle and not so idle chatter of our inner thoughts but putting pen to page metamorphoses the thought sometimes into something completely different than when it still resided privately in ones head.

Having something significant to say or share flutters in and out like the flapping of a butterfly's wings. Indeed, exciting thoughts can play a seemingly never ending game of hide-and-seek, often for weeks on end. However, our blogs are by nature not designed for this silence...we need words, thoughts, and ideas to inspire us, to keep us moving forward past the daily muck and mire of life.

How many blog posts have you started only to hit the delete key because of seeming total lack of substance or vibrancy? In case you haven't guessed already, impressive I don't seem to be today... so, here is my substitute for my  muse who has wandered off again...

Today while YouTube hopping I stumbled upon this 3-part video series that I thought some of you might enjoy. I actually don't know how many of you are into making handmade books but you know I am so....

Karen has done an amazing job of making this look easy enough to really go out and attempt making more than one!  You must stop by her blog and check out her beautiful writing and art (and no she did not pay me for this - actually she doesn't even know about it yet)! I thought some of you might enjoy a stab (no pun intended, OK, just a little one) at making this book as well. Karen can be found at http://aviewbeyondwords.blogspot.com/

Thanks so much Karen for your generosity in making these videos! I for one am off to the home improvement (oops, sorry about that) store to see if I can find that painter's paper :D 

Enjoy and have a fabulously creative weekend everyone!


Karin Bartimole said…
Hi Beth, thank you so much for sharing my videos and for your support of what I do! I'm so glad to meet you, and look forward to our getting to know each other better here in blogland :)
I'm very sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis, and hope your find ways of healing through your art and spirit. Blessings and love,