What? Another post Already?

Good Morning my friends. Well, as you can see I did some serious house-cleaning on my blog over the last couple of days. As I explained in my last blog, I just had to at least feign some sort of control and sense of direction (yeah in my dreams) lol. Yesterday I put my website into maintenance mode to revamp it as well but that is going to take oodles more time and I am really wondering if I should even keep it, hmmmmm.

Any who, you don't want to hear about all this soul searching and boring web stuff soooooo..the other night finding myself awake at that pesky hour of 2:00 a.m. I decided to watch the new Alice in Wonderland, yes, the one with Johnny Depp. Settled comfortably on the sofa, wrapped up in my favorite quilt all of a sudden I hear this mini crash in my studio bathroom. Hmmmm, as I jump up to investigate Raphael my trusted mousing officer comes around the corner...with, "what is wrong with your mouth...oh dear, that is a mouse!" Now, as kitties are known for the occasional snack I look at him and tell him, "don't you eat that mouse!" So, he walks away from me down the hallway, with me following telling him to put it down so I can take it outside (yes, I know it will be right back in the house in a few minutes). Well, this back and forth continues for a few minutes all the while the poor mouse is getting covered in cat spit being carried around unceremoniously in a cats mouth. Finally Raphael decides Mom is not going away so he sets the mouse down and I make a lunge for it - of course only to have it escape. Raphael takes a look at me as if to say, "Mom, you will never make a mouser like that - here, let me show you again." And he proceeds to go after it with me right along side of him only serving to get in Raphael's way. First we both lost the mouse and then it ran out and right underneath Raphael - geez, this mouse needs some serious training! Now I am chasing it and almost have it cornered by my fake wood stove (that is a story for another time) and then poof, it was just gone! Raphael and I looked for a good half hour longer but no mouse to be found, or sniffed out! So, I did the only logical thing left to do, I sat back down on the sofa, nestled myself into my quilt and resumed watching Alice in Wonderland, and Raphael doing the logical next best thing, he went to his bowl and had a snack of crunchies! Whew!
Have a fabulously creative day...



Linda M. said…
Hi Beth, Loved your mouse story. We've experienced one similar event. Hope you enjoyed your movie. Linda
LOL! Love that story! If either of my two felines saw a mouse, they would shrink in fear!