Artists for Nathaniel

OK, this is real and very urgent. I don't usually do these types of things and I know we are all pressed for money these days and there is no end to causes pleading for our money. However, something came to my attention recently that almost broke my heart. Nathaniel is a young man who due to a misdiagnosed case of Lyme's Disease now finds himself battling for his life. At the young age of 33 he has almost had his life taken away from him but we can all help. Even if you don't have money - if you could just put up a link using the photo to the right and link it to Nathaniel's Fund to alert others to this crucial fundraiser it would be greatly appreciated by myself and I am sure by this young man and his very devoted young wife. Let's see if we can't give them their lives back...

Bunches of Hugs


Francostella said…
Dear Beth,
My daughter Roxie is married to Nathanael. What you did for them is so touching and deeply appreciated. Wow - you don't even know them and they don't know you but God knows each of us and what you've done.
many thanks, Jamie J.