Finally, the Look I Have Been Trying To Get!

Hi Everyone,
I know you have continually been seeing me changing the look of my blog and I apologize for that. I have been trying for the longest time to get this 3-column thing working so I could spread my side-bar gadgets along both sides. The scrolling was starting to make me a bit crazy (not that I needed any help in that department), and I was worrying that it was annoying all of you too! I wanted this clean soft look as well but just couldn't find quite the right template - well, I am a happy little camper now :D This is it BABY!

UPDATE: I am finally trying out offering mini album kits - I only made a few just as a little test and I am pleased to say that they have SOLD OUT! Yeah... I don't plan on offering them on a regular basis as they take so much time to prepare, and I can't include
everything I would like because it would make the cost there is the sample album
I make to show what can be done with the kit, which
takes even more time. Anyway, I thank
you all for your purchases and hope you enjoy!
And finally, I promised a picture of the azalea bush at the front of my house as soon as it was nice and full of smells so amazing and that orange color is one of my favorites - if anyone out there knows the species name for this particular lovely color azalea I would love to know.
Bunches of Hugs


Electra said…
Your blog AND Webpage both look wonderful! And now that I've seen your cottage, I want to come visit. Pulllease???
Emakesart said…
Your blog looks beautiful!! And I love the color of your Azaleas! wow!

Thanks for dropping by, I'm so glad to have inspired you with my baker's rack/plant stand! Have a great weekend.