Mad Tea Party 2011 Invitation...

Oh my is it that late already? I just had to let you know - The Tea Party is soon to Begin and me with nothing to where did I put the key to my fancy frock wardrobe? Oh dear...I am in a frazzle, perhaps I should just let the mistress of the party tell you herself all about what to do with your invite and such...

Hosted by Vanessa Valencia
A Fanciful Twist

Wondering what to do if you sign up?
If you are signing up to participate in the Mad Tea Party all you have to do is leave me a comment, with your blog link, stating that you wish to join in...
Then follow these 4 bits of advice (err, rules)...
1)  Share the flyer and/or the button on your blog as soon as possible and link to me.  I will then add your name to the "Mad Tea Partiers" list in my LEFT hand side bar, and link back to you. 
2)  On the day of the party, June 25th 2011, please make sure to post a Mad Tea Party post of your own, on your blog, linking to me.  Other partiers will be visiting you on that date. 
3)  IMPORTANT - On the day of the party, after you have your own Mad Tea Party blog post up and running, please leave a comment at my Mad Tea Party post, including your "Actual Party Link."  It will serve as an archive of all partier links. 
4)  Blog hop with the other partiers on the day of the event and have a mad blast!
Note:  Please make sure you post a party post on your blog on June 25th if you sign up.  If you sign up and later find that you can't make the event, please let me know and I will remove your name from the list.
So that's that.
Easy as pie ;)

Bunches of Hugs