Time for Some Digital Editing Play

I realized that I have never invited you all into my house, good heavens what a terrible hostess I have been! So, while I was playing around with learning to do pretty setups for my photographs I thought this might be a good time to have you all over and make up for my oversight! Tea and homemade lemon scones of course will be served out on the porch afterwards... :D
Bedroom with all the frills I always dreamed of
(DH lets me pretty much do what makes
me happy even if it means he sleeps
in a frou frou bedroom)! Yes, that is
a chandelier hanging over the bed -
don't you just love it?!
One of my favorite whimsical pieces - Rafi
just looks at her in disgust! Really! What
self-respecting cat is going to let a bird sit
on her tail! Honestly!
So, with my newly found inspiration...I shall attempt to dazzle you all with my new digital skills (yeah, right). Many, many hours after beginning my first attempt here are a few that I hope you all enjoy. Remember, scones and tea afterwards (I find a little bribe never hurts) :D Camera in hand - I watched Rafi out of the corner of my eye (it really would have been rude to stare directly at him while he slowly slinked off to the bedroom to his favorite corner behind the bed lest he become on of my features)! Around the house I ran snapping picture after picture until I figured I had enough to start with. All the while DH snoozed peacefully, or pretended to, out on the porch lapping up the wonderful warm breezes while I settled myself down in front of my computer for the next few hours trying to figure out the software for making pictures pretty no matter how bad they started out!  Hope you all enjoy and see you on the porch soon...

Always wanted a fireplace - since I didn't have one
I did the logical thing - I bought one!
I loved this pillow from the moment I saw it - it is
made out of a 1900's quilt - sadly it could
only be salvaged in pieces
My chessboard and a few other little country elements -
this all resides on the table behind the sofa - hmmmm,
guess one would call that a sofa table (LOL)
Another one of my favorite pieces -
this cabinet holds our CD collection
I just love white - don't you? I have several of
these lovely white pitchers scattered
throughout the house
I just had to have this block set that spells out welcome!

Ahha, I did once have the eyesite
to make cross-stitch samplers - I
just love samplers, hmmmm, maybe with a
magnifying lamp Imight  just be able
to make some more of these pretties...

My little workspace in our bedroom -
it is one of my favorite spots in the house,
well, of course aside from my studio you silly things!

This is the only coveted piece in the house my DH
lays claim to - his grandfather's chair. We finally had
it reupholstered last year - doesn't it look fabulous?!

I hope you are all out enjoying this wonderful warm weather or creatively busy in your studios with just enough time to take a break to visit with me here at my blog...
Bunches of Hugs


Diane said…
Beth, your house is beautiful!! And I love the pieces that are very special to you--this is what makes anyone's home that much more special--I'll be over for the tea and scones too!
Jan said…
First, thanks for finding my blog and commenting. It is nice to have you!

Ok, I love your home. Many of the elements are what I love: blacks and whites along with primative touches. I used to do x-stitch, too. Not anymore!

Our master bedroom is very feminine and my dh doesn't mind at all. I don't have netting and a lovely hanging lamp like you, but lots of shabby-ness.

Nice to know you and I'll try to follow you if Blogger allows me to! They've been 'ill' lately!