Computer All Better Now!.

Well, after moving all of my picture and video files over to my new external hard drive, wiping my laptop's hard drive and reloading all of my programs back onto my computer everything is all happy-land again. I also decided to try a new browser, Opera and I really love it, so organized and well layed out! Only one program will not work on Opera, "RealPlayer" but I figure a small price to pay for the convenience offered with Opera and when I need to use RealPlayer I just open a new window via IE8, do what I need to do and hop back over to Opera, easey peasey!
I hate to admit it but it was actually nice in some ways while my computer was out of commission...lots of studio time and productivity, hmmmm, lesson to be learned? Can't believe how much time I spend on the computer...tsk, tsk, tsk! LOL So, I thought I would show you what I have been up to whilst computer-less so to speak...

Hope you all have a fab creative weekend!
Ciao bella,


Jules Woolford said…
Glad you have got things sorted Beth. I like the new look, and love that header!
Sol Santiago said…
I like your new looking blog !
Sonishka said…
Hi Beth, thanks for stopping by over at my blog! Sweet of you ;-)