Happy 8th Birthday Baby Kitty!

Just stopped by to wish you a very happy birthday "Baby Kitty"! Dude we need to get together and talk about that name man!
Raphael and his mom


Deb said…
Hi Beth & Raphael (cute name)
Just stopped by to say hi and to tell you that I loved your workspace as I took a look around. I am just doing up my office so it was fun seeing how you decorate. Deb=^..^=x4
Hey Raphael! Yeah, man...I know! Baby Kitty is not cool, huh? I go by BK when she's not around so I don't get pummeled! Thanks for coming to my par-tay!...Later, dude...BK
What a handsome kitty!


Electra said…
Never mind about the name, I want a mask like that!