Where Blogger's Create 2011

The day is finally here! The 3rd installment of Where Blogger's Create! Karen as usual has done a fabulous job of organizing the event, and I am very happy to be participating for my second year.
   I am so happy to see that you received my invitation to come visit my studio! I spent weeks straightening and organizing and adding little bits and bobs to really make the place sparkle. I am tickled pink that you decided to stop by...so, would you like a beverage? I can make a nice cup of tea or if you would prefer I have this new espresso machine - I could make you a nice cappuccino or latte? Oh yes, a cappuccino,  and  would you like a flavored syrup? Let's see, I have chocolate, raspberry, caramel or vanilla? Caramel, oh that is one of my favorites too...go on into the studio, it is just through that doorway, feel free to wander
  while I get your beverage - I will be right in."  "Oh, and don't be startled by Nevermore - she is my Raven and she sits on top of my wicker storage area (don't let her know she isn't real, she thinks she is...)" 
Welcome to my little studio space - this is the entryway from just inside
looking out through the kitchen and to the front door
"Nevermore" my Raven watching over my studio entrance - what? you don't have a raven in your studio?
Oh dear, don't let Nevermore know that
My paper desk and my ironing station, which almost never looks this neat,
except for when guests drop by of course! 
Ah yes, I knew I had a shot at a better angle 
Of course every studio needs some tunes so my Bose sits in a corner ready and waiting

A few of my book projects and some of my art papers - a girl can never have enough pretty papers, don't you agree?

Now we are getting down to business, my main work desk looking out into the woods -
somehow I always end up at this desk
My very first paintings on little 4x4 canvases - to think, now I paint on 11x14 and larger
and I am not scared one smidge!
Some of my pretties
I couldn't believe my luck one day at the recycle swap shop - pieces of sterling silverware...for free!
At my favorite consignment shop I found this fab storage piece for $3.00 and it is clearly handmade -  you just have to love consignment shops!
Thank you TJ Maxx stores - hat boxes are really  pretty storage for fabrics!
Just had to show off the fab light coming in this window in the mornings -
I guess that is why I end up at this space all the time!
One can never have enough pens and pencils...don't you think?
My sewing station with another fab window
Some of my sewing pretties and a basket of journals
I do have a soft spot for antique Mason jars!
Another view of my sewing desk window
Here is my book nook and a few of my painting goodies
I am learning all about whimsical, not being very so at birth I find it takes some extra art supplies!
And what use are fabulous supplies without the proper tools to push them all about a canvas?
Zobriana, my first ever attempt at a cloth art doll sitting upon her partially finished valiant steed Esteefus
The little shrine wall hanging I actually won in this year's "One World, One Heart" blog hop
And finally another book corner, and of course my knitting, and more supplies - there are never too many supplies especially since they keep coming out with marvelous new things all the time!
Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit, I am so thrilled you stopped by to visit me and Nevermore! I do hope you will leave a quick little comment so I know you dropped by - I just love comments and meeting new cyber friends! I know, I know, I have chattered on and you must run to your next stop - I do hope you find lots of new and creative storage ideas on your travels ... have a fun filled weekend visiting with everyone and thanks again for stopping by...


The way that you have designed your space is so beautiful :) I love everything about it! Your doorway looks like you step into a magical world :) Thank you for sharing!

Jules Woolford said…
Thanks for the trip around your creative space, it's just great! Nevermore is my favourite bit, she's priceless.x
Rebecca said…
I've gotten such a rise out of seeing everyone's spaces! Thank you soooo much for sharing your creative oasis with us all here in Blogland. It's been a JOY to romp around. LOVED IT! You are amazingly talented.

Nook & Cranny said…
Thanks for the coffee.
I love your space. I would like to come over and poke around for a little while.
I spoke to Nevermore, things are good.
Thanks for sharing your creative space.
Halle said…
I am jealous of your light!!!! My "studio" such as it isn't...is in the basement laundry room area. The light is poor but I won't complain too much. I have my space and am free to make a mess and leave it until my muse strikes again. :)
marie said…
Your space is wonderful...treasures tucked everywhere. And Nevermore to guard it all when you're not there!
Karen Valentine said…
Thank you so much for joining the party and sharing your fabulous space with us!! There are so many wonderful little details! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the party!
xo, Karen
bertie said…
I love the vintage feel of your space with all of its goodies tucked in every nook and cranny. Feel like I could explore forever in there! Thanks for sharing and I hope you will stop by my studio and say hello.
Pretty Things said…
I love it because it looks like a place where every time I look around, I'd see a new treasure. My favorite thing!

I hope you'll have time to visit my creative spaces!
stephanie said…
I am so enjoying visiting all the wonderfully creative spaces like yours! Just inspiring...

And, I envy how organized you are! I have got to do a better job of that in my work space.
EllenaElizabeth said…
Delightfully busy but neat. Love it.
Claudia said…
Your space is wonderful - packed with color and wonderful supplies and creativity. Thanks for sharing it with us.
I loved seeing all your stuff! So many wonderful things to create with! An awesome space! Have a nice weekend! Twyla
Hi Beth,
WOW you have an amazing space to create in with everything so handy and displayed to be organized and decorative at the same time.
Give Nevermore a little stroke on the head from me.

Love it all.
xo Celestina Marie
Love your space, everything is displayed perfectly. I also love hat boxes, have a stack of them and all are full of goodies.
Cheryl~ZanyMayd said…
Your Studio is Beautiful & I love the way you did your photos, so Creative... Thanks for Sharing ~ Hope you get a chance to stop on by...
kluless said…
I have a soft spot for mason jars, too, but I have an even softer spot for those buttons inside! The natural light over your desk is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.
Lori said…
I love, LOVE your room! It's so....ARTSY! I love how you have stuff in every nook and crannie. This is such a visually stimulating room--it's beautiful! I LOVE your ribbon storage and your cloth doll is gorgeous! I'll stop by when I have more time to really look at these pictures. Thanks for sharing your wonderful space.
Wow, natural light over your work desks! How cool is that?! You're wonderfully talented; I just love your projects.
Thanks for the tour of your creative space, I truely enjoyed myself.
Sara said…
all your goodies I could be in your room for hours. Great space. Hugs Sara
Terri said…
Looks like some serious creating goes on here! Wow! Great space. TFS!!!
Sol Santiago said…
Your studio is very cosi and inviting, Beth. Lots to be happy and inspired.
thetruevine said…
Oh! You've reminded me that I need to put a CD player in my creative space!
You have a beautiful room filled with lots of goodies! I love your paintings on 4x4 canvas.
So much things to see. Thanks for sharing!~Reina
Electra said…
Wowowowowowowow!! Thank you for bringing me over here Beth and on a perfect day, to see your space. It is so magical. I almost feel like I am there with you!
Sandy said…
What a wonderful studio!!! I love the light coming in...and you are so organized in a really useful way!!!! I know about it not stying this way tho'....mine is always got things where they don't belong! LOL Sandy @ 521 Lake Street
Michelle May said…
What a wonderful space! Of course I spotted the bunnies in the windows! :) I would love to come visit and have a latte!
xx, shell
Hi Beth... :-)

Your message made me laugh... I'm thrilled you came by. I'd have made it to your space eventually, I'm still in the A's on the list..... so I think that means I'd have come to visit about Christmastime.

Isn't this blog hopping just the best fun? I've had so much fun seeing all the great places where the chickies create. I had to laugh... You're so much like me..... I always.... ALWAYS end up working in a space about 18' x 18'.... It wouldn't matter if I started out with a six foot x six foot space... I get all those supplies around me and go to town. And, I actually work a LOT in the kitchen too.... because that table I made? It's usually piled full of things I've gone through to find the right thing. Oh I DO make a huge mess while I'm creating.

I so enjoyed seeing your space. So many inspirational bits there....I'd feel cozy and happy in there, for sure. Some really nice tunes and LOTS of yummy supplies.

Thanks for coming over...and I'm so happy you were able to leave a message....

Big huggies,
Wonderful space, Beth! I would probably be drawn to your work space by the window, too. Yes, love the papers. I need to organize mine better before I buy any more. Lots of great ideas here, too. I'm hoping for a bigger space soon, so I'm paying careful attention to storage.
What I nice space! I never have enough supplies either...
Terry said…
Such a lovely space! I love the hat boxes. I may just have to visit TJ Maxx.
MLBetterly said…
Oh wow! I love your creative space! Thanks so much for popping by my blog (and watching my youtube videos :) )! It means a lot to me that you took the time to reach out and offer a bit of support. Huge hugs to you! I'm now following your blog so I can keep up with your creative goodness!
Meliss said…
That Raven is awesome!!! I have two crows...does that count? I must agree with you about the mason jars. What a fantastic creative space you have. Thanks for letting me stop by.

And thanks for your La-boratory Love!

Romeo said…
Ah, thank you so much for the tour of your studio! Wonderful view - I would be in that window every day as well. Well not that you said you were IN the window, but in front of it. Where as I would be IN the window, on the ledge soaking up the rays of sun and watching the birds. No worries NeverMore, I wouldn't harm a single feather - I just feel they are entertaining and if I didn't watch the birds someone might think there was something wrong with me wouldn't they?!


Romeo and "her"
Liz-Anna said…
Looks like a little piece of creative heaven!
Jo said…
Thank you for the tour! You have a lovely studio - and you're right, a girl can never have too much paper or coloured pens!
. said…
Well, I think Nevermore is great : ) and so is your creative space, there is so much to see and discover. I love the silverware, that was a great deal. Thank you so much for sharing your space with us : )

Enjoyed my visit! You have so many nooks and crannies - so interesting! Patsy from
Lynette Killam said…
How nice to meet you and Nevermore, Beth! Your studio is wonderful, just bursting with bright treasures and collections...love it! Like you, I can't resist picking up new and intriguing supplies, especially at the thrift stores...though my husband and sons seem to think I have enough...LOL!

Hope you're having a great weekend...
Cheryl said…
Hi I am re-visiting the list of spaces becasue I was in such a hurry last time round to see as much as I could that I seem to have missed leaving comments. I love your Raven and your studio is wonderful such a great space.
Donna said…
Your studio is so neat, I love the desk in front of the window!! I agree you can never have too much paper or anything else for that matter!!! LOL