What on earth was I thinking? Garage what? Sale? Insanity must have been floating through the air at the crucial moment... But I had to do something, I just wasn't getting any art done or what little I was accomplishing was turning out horrible, in my eyes anyway. Just too much stuff ... There were places, OK, lots of places in my tiny house that you actually had to turn sideways to walk through...I just couldn't stand it, and Sir Hubs was beginning to complain, A LOT!

OK, OK, I am going to have a great big clean out and purge, purge, purge. "Where did all of this stuff come from anyway? I don't remember it sneaking in through the front door"! So, garage/yard sale it is.

Sir Hubs and I started in the attic, which in a converted barn as you might imagine, is a considerable space. Check, attic cleaned out, lots to go to recycle, LOTS is garbage, and some for garage sale, woohoo, we are officially on our way :D Next - kitchen, which is still underway - how on earth did I manage to fit all of this stuff into this tiny space? No matter, OK, ice cream maker, brand new - gargae sale...hmmm, do I sell my juicer or not?...a few more days will answer that question as garage sale is this coming Saturday! Studio, OMG - I don't even know where to start - OK, fabric, lots of unused scrapbooking stuff - but those papers are so pretty - how can I part with them. The studio is painful - do I get rid of things or keep them - I must be strong - sell or pitch stuff that has been untouched for more than a year - it is blocking creativity!

I will be so glad when this is all done - hopefully, someone will want to buy some of my STUFF! What a horrible thought - "She gave a garage sale and no one came! YIKES! 

So, for your viewing pleasure here are a few picks to make you glad you are not at my house right now!

OK, this looks like a good place to stash some stuff for the garage sale -
behind the sofa in the living room...
Even the hallway leading to my studio has not escaped the chaos... LOL

Oh, my poor studio! And, I have barely begun in there...*sigh*

And yes, much to Sir Hubs dismay it has meandered out into the kitchen! He said, "one room at a time"! Yeah, right! Like that works for a garage sale... or me! :D I seem to be all over the place as I remember something else I am willing to part with... Note to self: clip shopping wings!

And what would all chaos be without a little drama stirred in for good measure? Raphael, my little Lancelot kitty had an emergency this weekend just as we were all about to settle down into bed for some much needed inside the eyelid inspection. Poor little guy has diabetes and had a big issue with his blood sugar - we had to rush him to the 24/7 veterinary hospital, which is over an hour away, and he had to stay there overnight - Sir Hubs and I arrived back home at 3:30 a.m. only to grab a few winks of sleep and be back up at 8:30 a.m to drive back to the veterinary hospital to pick up Sir Fur ball.  At least all was well when we again saw our little fella - even though at that moment he was definitely not speaking to us, and he even got a spiffy turquoise bandage with navy blue stars on it from the hospital - it lasted about 20 minutes after we got back home! This adventure definitely has to be documented in his scrapbook - the bandage will make a cute addition too, "don't gasp", the cute wrap was just to hold the gauze in place. Whew am I pooped!

Have a fabulously creative week... and my advice - maybe hold off on that garage sale til next spring...



Diane said…
Oh wow Beth--I am overwhelmed by just reading this post. We have a community yard sale every year, and EVERY year I go through this "purging"--yes I have enough "stuff" for a sale every year, and it doesn't matter what the weather is doing--people WILL come and if the price is right--they'll buy--it doesn't matter what you're selling.
Well this year, I figured that it was taking so much of my time to gather it up and price it, that I just decided to put it all on my front lawn and mark "free"--it was good stuff too.
I just left--I didn't want to see people going crazy on my front lawn. When I came back absolutely everything was gone even the boxes that the stuff was in :)