We Don't Have Hurricanes in New England...errr

Well my body somehow some way survived the mother of all garage sales! Less can be said for the organization of the inside of my poor house! In the process of pulling things from every which way in the house to sell or send to recycle, yes, perhaps I did get a smidge over zealous...LOL my house is a mess, mess, mess! OK, pull yourself together girl, here is your opportunity to rearrange furniture and maybe even get rid of some more junk  stuff! Did I fall asleep for a few years and elves overran my home bringing things in and stuffing them in every possible empty space? I cannot believe how much Sir Hubs and I sent to recycle... truly sad and irresponsible on my part! Must be much more selective on shopping trips from now on... OK, OK, so I am trying to be optimistic that I will be a good girl and constrain myself when anywhere close to a store including art supply stores, yes, and the home decorating stores too!
So, before this hurricane hits, which the eye is due to go right over us here in the Monadnock Region of NH, YIKES, I thought I would treat you to an updated set of pics from post-garage sale...

Spread out into the hallway, again! Hey, how did that basket
escape from the garage sale?


As you can see, my paper managed to escape the garage sale,
and I am oh so glad I decided not to part with it!

I am so overwhelmed I don't even know where to begin...

Tiny little pathway through the chaos leading to...

the now empty closet will be the beginning point of
my studio's organizational make-over so stay tuned :D

Ahhh, nice! An almost completely empty garage, and even the desk
we kept is tucked neatly against a side wall, (well actually we didn't manage to
sell the desk) and I will now be able to use it for my miter saw to make my own picture frames! Yeah!!
Hmmm, now where is that book on making picture frames?

So, as I ride off into the sunset for this post we are
sitting here awaiting the hurricane's arrival, YIKES!
You may be able to say a lot of things but the last thing you can say is it is boring around my house these days! LOL

Have a fabulously creative weekend and those of you in the hurricane's path - be safe!



Jules Woolford said…
Well done on sorting out for the sale. I do hope the hurricance passes by really quickly and leaves no damage. Thinking of you, Jules x
Edie said…
We are on the tail of Irene here in middle NC - she should be winding down for us. I, of course, felt the overwhelming need to stop at Jerry's Artarama on the way to work and buy 3 tubes of paint - two purples and titanium white - so that if something happens to my house while I am at work I shall still have Purple Paint. And peanuts.

take care up there!

Diane said…
I hope all is well with you and Irene has calmed her temper down a bit. My son lives in Manhattan, but he didn't have to evacuate--and they closed down the subway system!! I cannot imagine this--when we were there---the subway was always packed--I just can't imagine.
I just saw on the Verizon page that the storm has weakened a bit for NYC to 65mph?? I guess you can call that weak :)

Stay safe!