Welcome Sweet Fall...

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Thoughts turn to cleaning up the garden one last time before it is blanketed in the winter's snows; digging out all of my favorite warm fluffy sweaters; the smell of wood fires gently floating across the air subtley filling my nose with the sense of security a warm fire brings as fall's first chills welcome us to the new season.  My mind fills with the brilliant colors of the leaves glistening with the light of a low lying sun reflecting back up to the sky through the many puddles left behind by one of those early fall storms, and the tiny rainstorms of leaves brought on by the remnant droplets from last night's rain. All gently ushers us into the cinnamon pumpkin woodfire moods of fall. In celebration of fall I thought I would explore some of the beautiful shades of browns that represent the change of the season from the lush green growth of summer into the sleepy time that accompanies the onset of fall. How many of those golden browns do you have in your home? Just a few of the beautiful browns I own...
I just love pillows, all shapes and sizes!

Another one of my pillow collection...

One of those fabulous consignment shop finds, a four drawer vintage dresser
with this lovely floral pattern gracing the front of each drawer.
Alas, the original hardware was stripped and replaced with these replicas
and the key once used to lock up precious treasures is long lost...
nonetheless, it still looks warm and inviting where it now resides in my bedroom
Of course, what would a series of brown themed photos be
without a teddy bear? :D

I told you I love pillows, didn't I? LOL All of the pillows
pictured in this post live on my lovely queen sized bed
in our master bedroom...LOL, our master bedroom is really our only bedroom
as my studio resides in what was the "other" bedroom :D