A Return to An Old Path and A New Beginning

What better time of the year than Halloween season to debut a new blog! I don't know what it is about Halloween, or how you feel about it but I have loved it since I can remember. Filled with memories of costumes; witches and ghosts, bats and vampires everywhere, and lots and lots of CANDY!!! I suppose with Halloween riding in on the coat tails of fall, my favorite season of the year (in case you hadn't already guessed), with its fleetingly warm sunny afternoons kissed with just a hint of coolness floating on breezes preceeding the rains and foretelling of the sleepy time of winter that resides just around the corner. The air is filled with the first smoke of wood fires and the golden yellows, crisp browns and blazing reds of the falling leaves that create the earthy scents that fill our nostrils as we walk through the remnants of the tree's summer bounty, which are stilled on a new earthbound bed every now and then rustled by a breeze or animal looking for the last remnants of summer's treats. 

"So, what is this blog about anyway," you ask? This is a secret place away from the main thoroughfare of all blogginess. It is a place to gather ones thoughts, to experience the calm and quiet of a country cottage - Mossberry Cottage. Here you will find words and art, ideas and thoughts as they revolve around and are inspired by the slower pace of a rural existence just outside the edge of a world filled with fast paced living that whizzes us around so fast we are often out of breath.  Here you are welcome anytime, drop by and wander throught the foggy morning meadow or come in for a nice hot cup of tea and a little chat. Help me begin planning the new garden layout for the coming spring or just sit on the porch and rock in the rocking chair and watch the quiet of the season.

Getting back to this new beginning it starts as most new beginnings, a little unsure and shaky... leaving behind a comfort zone is never easy but recently the pull of the winds of change have been strong - presenting a new chapter to explore and a return to some old friends - writing and the love of fiber arts. The message couldn't have been any clearer as it floated into my studio window several weeks ago glinting in the late afternoon sunlight asking me to return, that I was missed so. Guiltily I looked over at my beloved Bernina sewing machine who quietly sat in her case awaiting my return and at the half finished writing projects and partially finished dolls who blinked at me in the hopes that what they were feeling was true, I was coming back! "Oh Joy", one of my more complete dolls exclaimed, "she IS coming back to us". So, the adventure begins... this is a place you are always welcome to drop by, yes, unannounced, just come by when you feel the need to slow down a bit and breathe in the sweet slowness of life of a country cottage... we will be here waiting!

Elisabet and Raphael the cat...


Birgit said…
Hi Beth,

Thanks for having left a comment on my blog during the One World One Heart event. Maybe you want to check out my Oktoberfest giveaway . It would be nice to welcome you back to my blog.

Oh, and -- I also love this time of the year. Halloween isn't that big in Germany, but it's still one of my favorite holidays. :)

Greetings from Munich, Germany,
Glad to meet you Beth and glad to be your first follower. Many happy blogging days ahead for you! :)
xx, shell
I loved your photos, what a wonderful place to be! May the best of your life come to you from now on! Hugs...Moni.
Art Expression said…
Beautiful photos....very nice blog. Happy Halloween = )
ShabbyChicShaz said…
Lovely photos and words. We've been in atc swaps together on Milliande, nice to see you blogging, looking forward to visiting again :)
Becca said…
Nice photos. I love the rainy cloudy weather too, and love kitty cats, I have two! Look forward to seeing more of your craftings!
Selah Gay said…
How very nice to meet you Beth! I look forward to getting to know you... Selah <3
Lisa Graham Art said…
Well hello Beth! You sure know how to throw a party. Lovely first post and blog.. I am a new blogger too. Look forward to your posties.
Cindy D. said…
I have to say I am struck once again by the different feel of a blog created by someone who lives in a quieter place. The first one I read was from a woman in Appalachia! She couldn't blog much because she had an ancient computer and very poor net access. In fact, sometimes she didn't have electricity.

The second one was a woman living in the Welsh highlands (she is an Etsy artist!). I mean really! The Welsh highlands. Surely that's a fairy tale, right? And now yours. Just a little closer to town than the others, but still filled with open sky and quiet places.

I think that's what people miss most, but they don't even know it until they stumble upon it in the most unlikely place, the most technological and removed from nature place of them all - the internet. :o)

Enjoyed the writing! So sorry for this dreadful ramble. ;)
Cynthia Hanna said…
Beth, it's so exciting to be in on things as you start a new adventure and blog! So very glad that we've connected :)
Electra said…
Ohwow. Your new blog is beautiful, simply beautiful! I`m listening to your bamboo flute and admiring your new studio and your words. Elizabet you are SO special!