Where are the words?

Do you sometimes find that all words seem to have quite simply floated right out of your head? You know those days when you haven't posted for weeks and to sweeten the deal, this is your new blog to boot! So, you sit yourself down in front of your computer thoughtfully sipping your pumpkin latte (yes, it really is pumpkin flavored...OK, maybe it is just a New England thing), while you wait for all of your programs to boot up. Then 'it' happens...nothing, absolutely nothing happens - there isn't a single thought in your head! OMG, how can this be? You just had all these little tidbits and funny asides you were going to share with your friends but...nope, it's all gone! How does this happen? Is it like the same place all those missing socks go in the laundry? I mean honestly, how can one not have a single thought?

So, I sit in my newly redesigned studio, which I am loving by the way, as I stall for some time, and look around at all of my artsy supplies that I have big plans for...if only I can just attract a few well formed thoughts that will inspire and dazzle my friends so I can get this post up! Hmmmm, still no words...so I sit here looking out the window wondering when this Nor'easter is going to hit  and deposit a blanket of the white fluffy stuff much too early in the season - prediction is for around 8", which need I tell you I am certainly not ready for as I fondly recall just a few short days ago everything was all well and Fall-ish) .

 I need more fall first...I mean really, the leaves aren't even off the trees, oh yes, and the weather forecasters are certainly emphasizing that point so we who are already worried about possibly facing many days without heat or electricity can panic just a little more! As this storm that is heading our way is going to bring freezing rain (is there any other type in the winter?) and then heavy wet snow the trees, who are still clinging to their summers bounty of leaves will lead to downed trees, sagging branches knocking out power lines and blah, blah, blah!

OK, well at least something is happening now... no, still no witty asides but it IS snowing! 

If you live in a snowy environment I am sure you are all familiar with those deceptively tiny little insignificant looking little flakes that you tell yourself will amount to nothing except... somehow they are quickly expanding in size in the few seconds it has taken me to type this paragraph and they are mutliplying like bunnies! 

So, I will comfort myself with these parting thoughts...if it is going to be one of those snowbound winters I will get a lot of art pieces completed and certainly some significant knitting and crocheting!

From Snowy New Hampshire...