Happy November!

Somehow it happened...I blinked and the cool fall rains that bring that familiar earthy scent of damp leaves laying on the ground have come and gone. The harsher percipitation of heavy snows that blanket us in the winters here in rural New England - (albeit giving mother earth the much needed rest after all her efforts put into spring and summer's bounty of colorful life that was abundant in our gardens and in the wild), have arrived unusually early this year. Despite the warm weather that has followed those early snows there is still significant evidence of their early arrival. My poor new garden was buried before I had the chance to cover all my new plants with straw as an extra bit of protection to get them through their first winter - now I must just hope and wait til spring arrives.

So, what do we do when the thermometer has dropped to the brrrrrrrr level and the snow goes over the tops of all of your boots? Stay inside where it is toasty warm, sipping a big mug of hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows in snowflake shapes (Martha Stewart recipe of course - I know, I know - many don't like her but in my defense this fab recipe was from before she changed), and we knit or crochet or spin wool of course. The favored items to make during these long winter days are scarves, wrist warmers and mittens but really any project will do as long as it involves sitting in an overstuffed chair with piles of warm fluffy yarns in your lap!

My first two scarves of the year are destined for a group in Massachusetts that delivers them to cancer patients, (including children) in hospitals all over north-western Massachusetts. (If you are interested in participating I will be adding a link on my sidebar that will take you to all the pertinent information). 

Since my studio remake I have not had time to make much art what with finding new homes for literally all of my art supplies and of course the much needed calming down period that naturally follows a great upheaval such as a studio redo. But now I am ready to get going again on my quest for my own personal style in my art. I keep looking at upcoming classes with some of my favorite artists trying to find some that are not quite so similar with the many I have already taken. But something has shifted in my muse since my hiatus from my art during the studio remake... I am realizing that I have a lot of techniques already under my belt and need to make them my own rather than jumping at every new enticing class that I see. I have finally realized that the more I take classes the more I am influenced by all those other wonderful artists. 

You might say, influence is good... and I agree, to a point. However, lately I have come to understand (after a much needed heart to heart with my muse, Ely) that while I am busy learning to emulate others I am not giving my own muse the space she needs to stretch her creative wings into our own personal style...Hmmm, seems we are at the artist crossroads and must now find our own way rather than just having fun recreating what others are already doing. Now, let's not get completely crazy and jump off the cliff here...I will always make room for a class or two, (ok, or three) throughout the year...I am just going to be much more working at my own art.

One class I already have my eye on, and felt was worth mentioning here is going to be happening January 1, 2012 over at my friend Tam's site www.willowing.ning.com where she is offering a 12 month class, yes, that is an entire year with at least 15 different teachers along the way! I think that might be the ticket to dabbling my toes in the outside creative waters while keeping busy with my own thoughts...



Sol Santiago said…
I see how much Ely is inspiring you, I like the crochet and the digital work is beautiful.
Keep warm with many hugs.
Awesome blog! I love the scarves & your artwork as well!!

Kim :o)
Cindy D. said…
Holy cow, where to start! I have always loved blues and greens together so I love the scarf. So wonderful you are donating to folks with cancer. (I do better with animals so my volunteer time has mostly been animal shelters - but imagine the world if everyone did just a little bit somewhere!)

The Martha Stewart apology made me laugh. I am among those who do not love her but I don't think any will hold it against you. If they do, boot em out! This is your place!

I do not knit so I will not be wiling (whiling?) away the hours making scarves and mittens. However, perhaps some of my beasts this winter will be drawn with scarves and mittens. Who doesn't love scarves and mittens!

Lovely to find your blog. Ok actually, you found mine first. But still!
BlackPumpkin said…
Emulationg is good at the beninning. Then, when your art developes, you'll find your personal style. :))
Keep it up!!