What?...December! YIKES...

"How can this be? December...already? Tomorrow you say"? 

Internet shopping rocks!
(image from Internet at Google images)

Another year is hurdling itself towards us at galactic speeds and you haven't finished your new year's resolutions for this year...OK, truth be told never got to most of them! "What? It's too early to think about such things... presents are still being purchased,
then there's all that wrapping...
In my dreams gift wrapping really looks like this but these
are from the Craftyminx

and the holiday feast has yet to come..."
image alas is not from my table but rather
Your Dictionary
OK, reality is that those pesky resolutions are just around the corner but how about giving things a  little twist this coming year. Instead of the requisite and boring, ho hum, I will loose a 1000 lbs this coming year and bike across the continent and back again how about giving free reins to some fun stuff? What's that you say? You really do want to loose a 1000 lbs and bike across the continent and back? OK my sweets, this isn't your assigned group, the "special" group is just over there...

I actually used to ride distance on my bike (what was I thinking?)
 image courtesy Wayfaring Info
"So, where was I?  Oh yes, fun stuff for resolutions." "Like what?! OMG you need a vacation badly... OK, I will help a little bit more...how about, oh, I don't know, something like "don't sign up for as many online art classes this coming year but actually finish the ones you do sign up for!" Or, learn just a few new techniques for your crafts or artwork but really explore each one to its limits.

And here is a really special one, you know, the one your hubs keeps threatening that divorce is emminent unless you finally get serious about jumping into the pool of selling your crafts/art online or at craft shows and get some of this cra  err stuff out of the house.  And last but not least, my all time favorite (my husband's favorite too) "do you really need those new art supplies?... your studio is crammed full already and I never see you use most of it"! 

In my dreams... lol.
image courtesy Janae's Pretty Witty Rant
yes, yes, I know this one is really painful. I don't own a single one!
Sad but true...
I did say when I began this blog that this is a retreat from the real world... now do you believe me?

So, in closing just to take your mind off that idea romping through your head that if you don't get in gear nothing is going to be ready and the entire family is going to blame you for the holiday season being a total flop... which, by the way, has not nor ever will happen, you can do this...honest!

Just to do my part and make sure you remember through that fog that you do have a studio... this is what I have been up to lately... yes, yes, I finally succumbed to Christy Tomlinson's classes "She Art" and "She Art2", and I found this fabulous new book "Collage Couture" and I took a quick wander around at Valerie's A Fanciful Twist.  So, you will see influences of all three  in my new pieces....!
8x10 canvas, mixed media - Pairie Farmgirl

8x8 canvas, mixed media - Let it Snow

8x10 canvas, mixed media - Dressed for the Winter Ball

8x10 canvas, collage - Celebrate Your Inner Child

Well, what are you waiting for? There are presents to be bought and wrapped, trees trimmed, sweets to be baked, and don't forget Santa's milk and cookies or you might not ever see another present..."Sorry, package undeliverable as addressed... signed, Santa"! lol



Christmas is so close, sometimes I feel it breathing down my neck LOL. Thanks you for this breathing space--a lovely spot to be.
Oh how fun and creative!! I just love all the texture on each of these. They really have a vintage and artistic flair!!

Can't believe it is December already!! Where does the time go?!!

Beautiful! Love how you combined your influences into your own work...great job! Your studio turned out wonderful too...you're inspiring me to finish mine :o)
Sol Santiago said…
You go Girl! It's obvious that you've been well inspired. Love all your pieces, colors are beautiful behind the the stories.
Congrats - Hugs - ♥☼