The Reindeer Are Resting

Sitting here in my studio listening to the quiet of winter I ponder the conclusion of yet another year here in my little cottage in the woods - I can scarcely believe this is our fifth winter here! And a strange winter so far with over a foot of snow in the middle of October only to be wiped away with warm temperatures in a matter of a few days - with little else since. The traditional cold finally arrived a few days ago, dipping into the single digits at night and the low twenties in the day otherwise only the barenness of the trees confirms the season.

Looking out into the woods from my studio I watch as tiny snowflakes slowly drift down as if in slow motion reminding me of the virtual snow I have on my blog. Yes, indeed, a strange winter... Heck, the mice haven't even settled down for a good long snooze yet. "Mice?" yes, you know, mice, little balls of fluff that come in a multitude of colors from almost black (no those are not rats) to the palest of browns, scurrying around inside trying to avoid humans and "Raphael - the cat" and outside the owls. OK, so at the moment Raphael is only dreaming dreams of scurrying mice whilst he catches up on some much needed snooze time after a full night's mouse duty!

Hmmm, clearly you haven't done much country living! Oh, you read a book once...did you now? Now where was I going with that thought? Hmmm, errr, nope it's gone... completely vanished into the ether... you know, the ether? of, oh, whatever the ether does... I don't have time to explain everything, I mean really! This is just a blog - not some world class novel! OK, so back to my story... as you know, or perhaps not, Mossberry Cottage is an old New England barn that was converted to cozy living quarters
back in the early 1980's - sitting on thirty-seven fabulous acres of woods with a little opening where the barn/house is nestled. It is lusciuosly rural with remnants of those famous New England stone walls lying in silent testimony to the farming attempts of the early 1800's. We are also surrounded by the most fabulous wildlife that one can only expect in a rural setting such as this - not that any one species is unique but rather the diversity and abundance of them all together at Mossberry Cottage that makes it so special. Yes, including ALL of the mice! So, we are graced with the completion of another full country year here in New England and life couldn't be any better.  I am promising myself to write more about rural twentieth century life and art this coming year - getting back to my nature writing will feel like greeting an old friend who has been on a long sabbatical and requires a good long catching up! What better time than at the beginning of a new year to start or renew an old journey...of course leaving plenty of room for the new...

A conducive writing space
The anticipation of this coming new year feels different from the approach of past new years, there is a certain electricity of anticipation. Everywhere one looks in the art community the discussions converge on inner focus and personal growth and harmony, the feminine playing a significant part in that focus... Perhaps it is the condition of the world around us - in dire need of nurturing and healing, the feminine acts of healing from Mother Earth as well as every woman on the planet...perhaps it is "our" year... to stand up and say, "enough!" as we gently cradle the wounded world in our arms and gently rock her to sleep washing away all of the bad dreams of the past...

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Tralasong said…
I couldn't agree more - there is something about the energy for the coming year - a buzz-buzzing! I just joined your blog and will enjoy following it - thank you! Happiness and Health to you and Raphael in 2012! xo
Rosietoes said…
Love reading about Mossberry Elisabet. It sounds totally idyllic. I wish you and Raphael all the very best for 2012 whatever it brings.

Edna x
Rose Mary said…
Loved your blog and your beautiful home, what inspirations must come from a setting like yours. All the best for the New Year.
I just found your site. Very inspiring, will come back often. I'm not in deep woods, but I can look up into the canopy. Thank you for sharing. I'm just learning how.