Something New This Way Comes...

kitties have the right idea, lol
Hey blogland friends! I have a few new things on the front burner, which will result in more frequent posts and lots more examples of my card art. What's that you say? Card art...we never knew! LOL!

Anyway, in the spirit of the new year I finally plucked up the courage - jumped into the deep end of the pool and applied for a few design team spots. And much to my surprise I was accepted! Wowza! I am so honored... It is all a little hush hush until the official announcements come out in February but then you will be seeing lots more of me... yes, yes, I know - be still your hearts! LOL I have to admit - I am more excited than a Mexican jumping bean... hee hee hee.

Now you will have more exciting things to do instead of just passively reading my blog, good as it!  Like what you may be asking? How about chances to win prizes in new challenges - exposure to new and exciting sites and ideas for a start? "How fabulous is that?" Alright, contain yourselves ladies (gents)!

Well, otherwise all is quiet at Mossberry Cottage, for the moment...



I Was Wondering Where You were Off Too! Lol!
Sounds Exciting! And Congrats! Hugs,Tee
Cheryl said…
Cool looking forward to all the stuff:}
Fran. said…
Congrats Elizabet!! Sounds like you're gonna be a busy lady but I can also tell you love it!! Did you receive your tag? And also congrats on winning Tee's giveaway!! Your New Year is rockin!!! XO Fran.