Eye Candy and More

This post is going to be a bit long so go grab a cuppa and settle in for a bit of entertainment. Today I am going to have a bunch of eye candy as well as some pretty cool links (all the sites I am mentioning have buttons along my left-hand side bar as well) to share with you. Now I must begin with this thought, being reflective for me is not a common experience but nonetheless since about the last week of last year "reflective" is what I have been. Ahh, reflective about what you ask, well, I don't mind telling you that all this reflection has been focused on art, my art to be specific. 

I know, I know, living here in the woods is doing strange things to my mind but that's a story for another day!  Here we are at the dawn of the New Year and I find myself asking how I would like to see my art evolve and what I would like to have accomplished by year's end. I know, blah, blah, blah...and so on... This is where those links I mentioned earlier come into play.

Due to my reflective mood I did a fair bit of wandering around other people's blogs and out of that I came up with a bunch of really fabulous courses. "Cool" you say? Trust me, you are saying that or will be in a minute or two - year long "focused" art courses online, some of which are actually FREE, yes, I said the "free" word! I have signed up for probably far too many but I couldn't help myself! I  even signed up for several year long swaps, and just in case there are any gaps in my attention I have quite a few one-time swaps and challenges thrown in... you know, just in case! LOL!

So let's get started... I just finished the cover for my altered "Book of Days," which is being hosted over at Effy's place "Wild Precious Studio" just look for the button "Book of Days" on her sidebar. Then there was a tag swap over at "Paper Digital Art and Images by Kim" under the "Tag Your It" group - it culminates into a little book but I am still ruminating on how to put my book together now that I have received all of my tags (I'll take pictures once I have finished it). I started another collage but still deciding whether I want it to be grungy or not, I'm thinking grungy... Oh and I just sent off my cards for the Valentine's Day card swap over at "Life on the {Scrap} beach with Belinda Akers (OMG she is fabulously talented)! Then there is this sweet year long monthly tag swap over at Tee's "The Altered Paper" - just sent off my tag to my partner for January. Actually, if you are interested in swaps you should go check out Tee's blog, she has a bunch of really cool swaps lined up, handmade pin cushion swap, fancy stick pin swap and so much more. No, that is not all I have signed up for (YIKES) but that is all I have finished or started depending on how you look at it :D

So, just a few pics for eye candy effect...

Valentine's Day Card Swap card #1

Valentine's Day Card Swap card #2

"Tag Book" Swap (my tag front and back)

"Alphas" Tag Challenge

"Numbers" Tag Challenge

New collage (unfinished, I think it needs to be grunged up a bit)

"January" Tag for Year Long Tag Swap

stamp image from Elisabeth Bell

Book of Days year long project
altered book - front cover

Book of Days - back cover

What do you think about the frames around the photos - do the pictures look better with the frames or without?  Well, it is back to the studio for me and err, well, Raphael is already in there, lol!



khess136 said…
Just took a wonderful tour of your blog, Elisabet, and found it just as charming as you! I'm so glad we met and I'm looking forward to sharing experiences through Bloglandia. I, too, joined BOD but haven't had a moment to get started...you've inspired me to get going!
Fran. said…
Hi Elisabet!! Thank you Thank you!! I love my tag and I hope you'll like your's too! It's on the way!!! XO Fran.
FLO said…
I love your blog full of ideas ;)