It's Snowing!

Hi Everyone,
I just thought I would pop in with a couple of photos to assist those of you who are desert bound or otherwise snow compromised. Yes, it is snowing since you ask... I was all set for spring and had even begun thinking about my little garden and poof in an instant it all changed to white! Snowflakes all over the place and once they start you know there is just no keeping them all neat and tidy in a little pile. No way they are like bunnies multiplying quicker than well, a bunny! I know, pretty sad but the best I can do at the moment fighting with a fibro episode *sigh* But on with the big girl panties and shutting up now, lol. I leave you all with this... no, not the wreath...look out through the panes of glass!

Err, what is that white stuff out there?
It was bare ground this morning!

Just to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me
of course I had to open the door...and this is what was confirmed!

If you look closely you will in fact see snowflakes heading toward the ground, and even now, a couple of hours after I took these photos it is still snowing. We are anticipating about 10 inches... oh well, there goes my garden back to sleep until mother winter is done!


artistamyjo said…
We had it too!
Started this morning with snow,then sleet,then rain.
It's been a very mild winter here in Mi.perhaps Mother Nature has decided to give us one last blast !
Cindy D. said…
Yikes, we're about to get some too in the Chicago area, though I understand further north will be hit hardest. On a happier note, I left work early because beating the snow/rush hour is a good reason. ;D

The photos out the window are lovely! (Unless you have to shovel some of it, that always decreases the loveliness slightly.)

Thanks so much for your very nice comment on my blog!
melissac said…
Beautiful pictures!! I hope your garden is able to be planted and bloom soon!! Blessings and Hugs!!
Vickie said…
You are so lucky! We got nothing but a miserable winter this year. Lovely pictures!
Elaine said…
What a beautiful view you have . how lucky.
Hugs Elaine