Liebster Award

I just received the greatest compliment today from Julia over at Paper and Scraps Creations by Julia and from Miss Sue over at Confessions of a Paper Hoarder. They nominated me for the Liebster Award and left me some "love" on their blogs! These are two very talented ladies whom I enjoy visiting with online and at their blogs, which by the way are full of inspiration! Hop on over to their blogs and check out their creations.

Liebster means "favourite" in German, and the award is given by peers to fellow bloggers who have been able to inspire despite their small following. Once accepted, an award recipient must "pay it forward" by completing the following steps:

Post the award to your blog.
Link back to the person's blog who gave it to you and thank them.
Give the award to five bloggers with less than 200 followers that you appreciate and value.
Leave a comment on the five blogs you chose to let them know that they have been given the Liebster award.

Here are five blogs that I feel deserve to receive the Liebster Award:

Aletha at AJ's Designs. This is the gal that I call my mentor. Her work with cards is just incredible - she has oceans of creativity that constantly boggles my mind!
Nora at NoraClemens-Gallo. This is a gal with major talent with her brush and doesn't think of herself as yet an arist! She is self-taught and her art sings with beauty.
Becca at Patina Moon. Becca is another multi-talented artist working in many mediums. You are sure to be inspired by her blog, her work and her creative kitty assistants.
Sanja at ArTick. Sanja is a fabulous mixed media artist that you must visit often. Her work is so unique and beautiful you will want to stay for a while.
Elaine at Wheeler's Craftiness. Elaine makes some stunning cards that are all very diverse. She is imaginative and makes interesting use out of her dies!

Be sure to stop by and check out all these talented ladies and again, Thank You Julia and Miss Sue for considering me worthy of this award!

Thanks bunches for stopping by...


Nora CG said…
Thank you very much for the award. It's a great honor being nominated!!. Blessings, Nora!