GHWI Challenge 19 - Rain or Showers

Warning: This is a chatty post (smile)
Grab your coffee before embarking...

Hi all my bloggy friends! It is my turn today to inspire all you {Ippity}/Unity stamp lovers and lovers to be with a new card using one of Unity's recent releases called "Raining Happy." You can find this stamp set along with many more cool {Ippity}/Unity stamps over at my dearest friend Aletha's shop just waiting for you to come and give them a new home!!!

I had a load of fun working on this card as it features one of my favorite things - what's that you ask? Rain of course! Yes, I am one of those, I love the rain, can't get enough of it, well, of course there is too much of a good thing but within normal parameters I love cloudy foggy and rainy days in New England. Nothing is more soothing and relaxing and inspiring for some good creativity time in my studio than a rainy day, er, unless it is accompanied with humidity and heat - then all bets are off, LOL!

OK, I digress, back to my Raining Happy card.  Have any of you seen those fabulous raindrops showing up out in cyberspace lately? NO? Well, let me enlighten you...some smart Chickie came up with the idea to use either stickles or Glossy Accents to make raindrops, (squeal) how cool is that? I mean really?! Hmmm, stickles just didn't float my boat and after checking the cupboard I found I was in a state of Glossy Accent-less! GASP! Wait, I did have some Juki-Kins Diamond Glaze so I am off to the races!

Only one caveat you should be aware of... as this challenge was all about rain I went a little wet crazy and decided to edge my stamped image in UTEE but not before I had already added my Diamond Glaze raindrops to the stamped umbrella. So, I am happily heating and ultimately melting my UTEE edged image and all was fine in embossing-land until I noticed "IT" as I was waiting for the card to cool down.

My raindrops on my umbrella had sizzled, no other word for it...instead of the perfectly clear little drops that had once graced my umbrella there were now little bubble filled foggy blobs! Geez Louise...I had sizzled my raindrops! So, please take a lesson from my mistake - if you emboss do it before you make your raindrops (and, it is my guess that Diamond Glaze works pretty much the same as Glossy Accents so er on the side of caution)!

Thanks for stopping by,