Some Alternative Art

Hi all my beautiful bloggy friends! Well, a lot has been going on as I have had to weave my life and artwork in and out of my fibro these last several weeks. I reluctantly resigned my spot on Poisoned Peas DT leaving me with only one regular DT spot, *sigh* but it had to be done...I just lost all energy to do anything! No whining, well except for that little bit just now...(smile)

I decided even though I am no longer on Poisoned Peas I am going to keep my alternative blog as I realized I am interested in this form of artistic expression, who knew?!

I just posted over at my "alternative" blog but I thought I would also share my post with you over here... I promise it is not really that dark, just alternative. I am still in a tag making mood, and I used one of the images I was graciously given to work with whilst I was still on the DT over at PPP from Smeared Ink our sponsor for the month of April (I will miss those unique perks)! Anywho, I made this tag into a mini collage focusing on the carnival...(I am really liking working in collage so more exploring and experimenting will be forthcoming)!

This image is called Tight Rope Girl and as I said she can
be purchased over at Smeared Ink if you are interested. I fussy cut her and
put her up on pop-dots so she would sit above the rest of the collage.

and, yes of course I finished the back as well! What artist can pass up a little canvas space? (smile)

I have also started working on my handmade albums again, well, at least in my head I am working on them. I am also re-thinking my Etsy shop and what I really want to make and sell - not an easy question to answer what with the artisan market being so flooded these days. Of course that is good, it means creativity is taking its seat in the hierarchy of what is truly important to our inner well-being but for those of us who would like to be able to make a little extra cash selling our art we are having to think and work triple hard on the "unique" part! Ho Hum...spin the wheel of chance round and round and as it slows ... what will it be?

Come back for the next installation... (smile)


Gaby Bee said…
This piece is absolutely stunning!!!
artistamyjo said…
Remarkable piece of creativity!