Just For Fun...What Are Your Studio Habits?

Hi all my bloggy friends! This artist questionnaire is not my original brain child, blog hopping this morning I came across it from Lisa Call's blog Textile Paintings and thought it sounded like a fun idea... So just for fun...
Where I Spend Many Hours of My Life

Studio Habits
An inside peek into my studio habits and how I create.
Is your studio at home or a separate space?
At home. When my hubs and I moved into our house, which is a 100+ year old converted barn in New England on an old farm in a very rural setting I had the room picked out immediately that was going to become my studio.

How big is your studio?
It’s a typical New England spare bedroom, very small 9' x 10' and very low ceilings about 7'. Luckily it does have two windows at a 90 degree angle to one another so the light is somewhat balanced. Then I have lots of Ott lights around the room for added natural light. 
My studio has gone through several reincarnations but this last revamp was "It"! I never thought very highly of plastic storage bins but when I got these see-through bins into my studio I asked myself why I had not done it sooner. I'm one of those artists that out of sight is out of mind... with these containers I can see where most everything is so no spending hours looking for something and giving up in exasperation = more art getting done!

Typically, how many hours a day do you work in the studio?
Since fibromyalgia - as long as I'm having a good day - I am in my studio! If I can tolerate the sitting I can spend upwards of most of the day in there.  Otherwise I am in bed with my lap table, colored pencils and lots of printed digital stamp images to color that will be made into cards once I can get back into my studio.

How many days a week? 
Again, as long as I am having good days I will be in my studio everyday of the week.

Do you listen to music while you work?
Rarely. I moved to the woods to be able to listen to the sounds of nature. If I do have music on I rarely hear it as everything is tuned out when I am making art so what's the point?!
Do you watch television while you work?
No. I don't have a television in my studio - art takes focus otherwise it has no soul to it.

Do you answer the telephone while you are in your studio?
Although I have an extension in my studio I don't like telephones so my hubs generally answers the phone. 

How often do you take breaks?
I am very guilty of not taking enough breaks, I usually get up to run to the bathroom or grab a snack and I am back into the studio before I have even finished my snack!
Before fibromyalgia became really bad I could work for 10-14 hours. Now, I am less productive because I move slower and get tired quicker but if I am not actually working I am thinking about projects and making notes in my journal.
I am very guilty about using the computer too much, blog hopping and tweaking my blog or website. Turning off my computer tends to do the trick to get me refocused but as I am on several design teams not using the computer is not an option. My safest bet is to not turn the computer on until late in the day - then I usually can get some work done.
Do you have any over-use issues with your hands or any other body parts?
My shoulders, neck and back take the brunt as these are the weak points for my fibro. I can't stand for any significant amounts of time so I have to sit and these areas get hit the worst. 
If so, how do you manage them or compensate?
Right now I am still working through the realization that I have fibromyalgia. Yoga should be my first line of defense – but since the fibro my entire workout routine has literally fallen apart. I am trying to get things put back together so that I am doing yoga and meditation daily. Both of these techniques really do heal the body and clear the brain for much more focused creativity. I also have a recumbent bike since running is no longer on my list, and when I do use it I feel more energized and clear minded.
Of course ibuprofen is in the picture for pain relief, again due to the fibro. I have a regimen of nutritional supplements that I take as well but ibuprofen is my go to pain reliever I am sorry to say.


Sarah said…
You have an amazing studio! Oh fibro rots! Loved the pictures :) Thanks for sharing.
Norma Gomez said…
Great studio, thanks for sharing! Take Care :D
nwilliams6 said…
This was fun to see a little of your place and read your thoughts on creating and dealing with your pain. Inspiring. TFS!
Wow that's one awesome studio! So sorry that you have so much pain however... It's a good thing that you have your craft!
KarinsArtScrap said…
what a fabulous and great room elizabeth.
I share my craftroom with my hubby.

greetings karin
jengd said…
Great room Beth! Hope the fibro leaves you alone so you can spend lots of time enjoying the craft space and time!
Terry said…
OH MY.....look at that craft room. Sooo much stuff to look at and work with. Lucky you. Your place in the country looks wonderful