Fairies' Tea Blog Party coming soon...!

Hello all my sweet blogland friends! Today I was most excited to find on my doorstep an invitation to participate in the Fairies' Tea Blog Party on September 23rd! Not being up on my fairy lore I was quite surprised at this invitation thinking the usual thoughts of one not knowledgeable... none-the-less here I am inviting all of you, my bloggy friends to come join me and all the other Fairy Tea Party participants on this most glorious day occuring in early fall where, if we are lucky we might just catch a glimpse or two of fairies in their magical hidden world of fairyland!
If you wish to participate yourselves you should hop over to Inspiration Avenue for all of the little details about the Fairy Tea Party and the giveaways and freebies that are being offered.
Now one thing I do know about fairies is that they frequently live in hidden worlds within the depths of woodland areas on earth. So, even if you decide not to host one of your own tea parties to celebrate these mystical and magical creatures please do come by Mossberry Cottage on September 23rd.
As you may recall, I live in a woodland area surrounded by a quiet little forest filled with all manner of wildlife and human neighbors far and few between! Some might say a perfect place to host a fairy tea party... fairies - if we are very quiet and respectful might not even notice we are here! "Shhh, look, is that a baby dragon fairy coming down that path... over there by the dragon ferns...?"
More later about this wonderful event and my own giveaway right here at Mossberry Cottage... but for now... hope to see you all on the 23rd of September!


KarinsArtScrap said…
beautiful pictures Elisabet.

greetings karin
Pam Lambky said…
Elizabet, You indeed are in great surroundings in the wooded area...so lucky! Their ought to be plenty of inspiration in the forest for you to create magical fairy creations! Look forward to seeing what you come up with and I will check out the contest! xoxoxo'x Pam
Georgie Horn said…
Stopping by from Inspiration Ave, come by for some puddin n pie
Hettienne said…
Hi Beth, thank you for spreading the news about our Fairies Tea - see you there - have you signed up for the wonderful give-aways on our Fairies Tea page yet??
Joining the The Fairies' Tea Party. A girl can never have too many tea parties or too many fairy daydreams. :) Love your invitation post, and your page.
Much love,
Ritva said…
Beth, These are just SO beautiful, also love your background in this blog.

Regards from snowy Finland. Ritva