"Snowflakes that Stay on My Nose and Eyelashes..."

Hey you cats and kittens (being totally silly this morning)! This quick little post is for all you cats and kittens in the warmer climes that must endure the warmth of a gentle breeze, abundant sunshine and the fresh smell of sea salt in the air...

as I opened my front door...what did I see?
Sunshine and White glistening as far as the eye could see!
 (Let's face it, in the woods the eye can't see that far, lol)
down my drive to the dirt road we live off of,
(which also happens to be the end of the road)

For those of you who had doubts about my living in a converted
New England barn! This is looking back at my front door
from the driveway, with the meadow and forest in the background.

technically this is part of my front yard!

those two evergreens with the snow on them
are the view I look out at from my studio window
 Even though I'm older now and the aches of old injuries from the care free days of youth and sports act up more in the cold and damp weather, winter is still my favorite season - right after fall that is! I guess some gals are spring and summer and some of us are all about the cold weather, big fuzzy sweaters, fluffy socks, a great cup of homemade hot chocolate... and that view!

As always, hugs and thanks for popping by for a visit!
I always love it when you take the time out of your busy schedule to visit, and leave a comment or share your thoughts of the day!


Pam said…
Lovely views Beth! Looks like you got as much snow as us!! :)
Davi said…
Beautiful pics...but that sure is a lot of snow, I would turn into a popcicle!! Here in the desert I love all the sunshine and warm winter days so Im whining about all the cloudy days for the past week :)
Shelinwa said…
Oh I love your barn. We lived in one too in Alaska when I was a teenager. Loved it. The snow looks awesome. When it snows ere it always comes with wind.... so it drifts and does not last long!
JoanieMc said…
Absolutely gorgeous!!! Being from the far south, born in Louisiana and now living in Alabama, this is just ever so breath taking. I love the pics, thanks so very much for sharing. Happy New Year!

Brrrrrrrrrrrr, is right!! Look at the snow!!! Down here in La. we get so little of the white stuff! How beautiful it is. I'm sure, to you, it can be a little monotonous but it is beautiful. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I have been such a bad blogger lately. Thanks also for your kind words. Your blog is wonderful. I was reading your crochet article and can relate. I have been crocheting lately also. I go in spells. I think I do it more in the winter than in the summer. Hope to chat soon.