On the side of Ewe...

Ravelry: Wasabi Cowl pattern by Cassandra Dominick

Hi everyone! What a cold day here today, it has been a double brrrrr day starting out at -9F yes, you read that right, -9F and got up to a brisk 9F. My guess is that it is going back down to the double brrrr when the sun has set. One thing about living in an old converted barn, you feel the cold everywhere but hey, that's what big fluffy sweaters and fat wooly socks are for, right?!

Trying to think warm thoughts I threw my carefully planned out schedule for the new year to the wind and did a warm thoughts walkabout on Pinterest following links to all sorts of beautiful and warm projects.

Lately, I have rekindled the flames of an old passion, crocheting. I don't know if it's just due to my reawakening to crochet or that there actually is a new found interest in crochet taking place but there is certainly no shortage of beautiful projects out there. So now I'll stop talking and just do a show without the tell, a picture is worth a thousand words anyway, right? right! So...

oh, ideas flowing now...!






Don't be surprised if you see more crocheted projects in the future!

As always, Hugs and thanks for popping over for a visit!


Pam said…
Such pretty crocheted things! I usually do most of my crocheting in the winter. Am just finishing up my 3rd pair of wristers. Very easy to do, and everyone loves them! Will be sharing pics on my blog of them in a few days! Keep warm over there!!
Oh, I love the bird pin necklace! You are right... not your mother's crocheting! Beautiful things.

- Sherrie (Bird Lady)