Recreated Barn Doors DIY

Hi everyone, just a quick post that I tripped over whilst hopping around blogs in the Grow Your Blog party. You know how it is - something catches your attention on someone's sidebar and off you go...

Well, this one I had to bring back here to share... now, remember that I already live in a barn but alas the barn doors were long gone before we moved in. Sadly too, I don't have a Mr. Fix-it for a DH but still I have to tell you, honestly, my mouth fell open when I saw this post over at DIY Design Fanatic

I mean seriously... are those barn doors gorgeous or what? You have to go check out the tutorial, yes it is actually a tutorial on how to do this project... YIKES! I think it's a bit beyond my power tool skills but I can still drool and oooh and ahhh!
I'm just sayin!
As always, hugs and thanks for popping over for a visit...


Acorn to Oak said…
Those doors are wonderful! I'm going to follow your link to the original site and have a look around. Thanks for sharing!
Sarah Jane said…
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, xx
Romeo said…
Oh WOW! How fabulous is this?!?!! Gotta go check this out for sure!!!! Thanks for sharing, so that we can drool too, although Romeo says that he will NOT drool over doors. Cats don't lower themselves to that level. So I guess I'll be drooling alone.

Hugs and purrs,

"her" and Romeo
Gina Gao said…
These doors look fantastic! I like them a lot.
I have many of these indoor barn doors pinned on my pinterest. Love the look, and oh how cool would that be in your converted barn Beth! I know what ya mean tho about not having a someone who can or will do such a project for us.
Annabelle said…
Yes - these doors are beautiful. I live in 100 year old cottage and love all the old original touches such as fireplaces etc.
Wow! Those *are* great! Sometimes I wish I lived in a house that could accommodate something like that. But I don't. :-( Hope you get you some barn doors.

Thanks for stopping by the blog. I haven't had a spot of time to go visiting yet. Hey, I've only had a week! LOL

Wanda @ Just Vintage

Hi Beth. Just now had time to check out your blog. Love your New England photos of your town. Why I just want to come visit now. Love your neck of the woods. I have a question that maybe you can help me with. I love your banner. How did you get a collage of pictures into banner? I have been trying to figure this out for sometime now and decided just ask. I am now a follower. Thanks for visiting my blog Little putty, little paint. Grow your blog was such a great venture. Love making new friends. Look forward to visiting with you much more.
vicki said…
Hi Beth-- those doors are gorgeous-- wouldn't we all love to have a house that had that look??!!!

Thanks for your visit and the sweetest comment ever-- you've made my day girlfriend!! Thank you so much!

I hope you continue to enjoy the GYB party-- it's been a huge success!

Ps- your blog header is gorgeous!
Hi Beth....Your right, the barn doors are beauty galore! I wish I had this lovely tresor in my home...adds great beauty and charm~ My new blog is simplynordicdesigns formerly 52apothecaryshop, had to make a name change,customs didn't like the word apothecary!!can you imagine! Please follow me and join in my new giveaway, xo Pam
Una said…
Thanks for leaving the comment about my crochet scarf. Sadly your link to the YouTube videos wasn't in the comment. But I can probably find something similar. Thanks again.
They are so, so gorgeous! Perhaps it's because I grew up on the west coast of Canada (and later spent two years living in Calgary, Alberta - Canada's capitol of all things Western), but I just adore country/farm chic decor. I'd love to have the space for doors like that one day, too!

♥ Jessica
Beth, thanks for featuring the barn doors in our basement family room. We finally put handles on the doors this weekend. Still have to put the latches on that will lock them into the floor. Thanks for the mention and for the link back :)