Snowy Day in Wonderland...

I had planned on writing this post much earlier in the day but as is so often the case I got lost in a sea of emails, visits to new and beautiful blogs as well as blogs of old friends,  along with my old nemesis - thought. It is now late afternoon and the new snowstorm has arrived in full force silently falling into fresh white drifts whilst decorating the branches of surrounding evergreens in a fluff of soft white.
I also wanted to say a GIANT thank you to all of my new followers that have become a part of my blog via Vicki's "Grow Your Blog" party over at 2 Bags Full. This blog party has been a huge success so far and I am sure most of us have many more blogs that we have yet to visit at 400+ that takes some time. Each blog has had it's own beauty and interest and interests have indeed been varied - something for everyone! I apologize to you all if I have not yet sent you a personal thank you for joining my little blog family, I started and then lost track of who I had thanked so I am going to have to begin again. If I happen to miss someone please know it will not be intentional and that you all mean a great deal to me - I am honored that you have chosen my blog as one that you follow... hmmm, now all I have to do is be interesting... YIKES! :D
OK, now back to your regularly scheduled programming (smile - some of you youngins' might not get this, ask your Moms)
(OK, now I am going to have to make both the sweater and these socks!)
It warmed up today after several bitterly cold days in the low single digits and we are actually at almost 18F at 4:30 in the afternoon, winter dusk. It is still in the "brrr" category as far as my body is concerned and once again I am thankful to the wooly creatures that provide us inadequate humans with garments made of their snuggly warm fleece! I think this is one of the reasons I love fall and winter - it is cozy and comforting to nestle into a big fluffy sweater and warm wooly socks.


As I sit here at my computer typing away, sipping on my now barely warm cappuccino I gaze mesmerized by the ever changing size of snowflakes falling outside my studio windows. Mindlessly simultaneously thumbing through my latest copy of "Bound and Lettered" a beautiful magazine on calligraphy and the handmade book. If you have never seen a copy of this magazine you owe it to yourself to have at least a peek.

Here is a link from the magazines' website for a free PDF version of one of the back issues of Bound and Lettered - alas the online version does not do the magazine justice. The PDF is in black and white and you miss the richness of the shiny thick pages with the beautiful color photographs of projects of hand sewn books and pages filled with unique and beautiful calligraphic fonts that are contained within the print version. However, you still get a nice idea of the beauty contained between the covers.
Well, it is now dark out and dinner has come to mind so I'm off to the kitchen...
As always, Hugs and thanks for popping by for a visit!


Terry said…
Snowy day here too, I love the socks.
What a stunning shot of the snow covered trees! Beautiful! I too love the cold weather though we have had little snow this winter (it is actually raining right now) Thank you for sharing the link...I am going to check that out for sure!! Have a wonderful week!
Pam said…
Pretty pictures Beth. Our snow melted again here. It's almost 50 degrees out now! But will get cold again this weekend!
Your snowy scene would make a pretty postcard. I've not seen the book before but have always thought it would be nice to learn calligraphy.
The socks and sweater would be cozy apparel once made.
111 LaLa Lane said…
I just want to come sit with you in your studio and look at such grandeur with a cup of cappucino.
Jennifer Shelby said…
Those socks! I will never be satisfied with my sock drawer again...thank you for the intro to the magazine, I can't wait to check it out!
Becka said…
Your photos are lovely.
It sounds perfect to be having coffee and looking out the window during the storm and see such beauty.
I love the socks, so warm and cozy.
Have a lovely evening.
hugs- Becka @ Girasole Farm
Donna said…
Lovely snowy images that make the socks so snuggy...
Sarah Jane said…
Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!
Sarah xx
Michelle Hill said…
Oh Beth...those socks look so warm and cozy! I'm about done with this winter stuff...ready for green grass and pretty flowers!