Where did winter go?

It was winter when I went to be last night around 11:00 pm after staying up a little later than usual watching a flick on Netflix. High winds had been forecast for after midnight as well as heavy rain so I was of course busy worrying about loosing power, thank goodness it was about 40F!

I did my run through the house making sure everything was closed up and locked, set out a midnight snack for Raphael and told him it was time for bed. Of course by the time I had turned the last light off in the living room and made my way to bed Raphael was already there waiting for me and Mr Honey Bunny was calling Zzzzzz's having turned in hours before me (he's one of those crazy early morning people)!

Well, I woke this morning to this... huh? Where's all the snow? It poured rain last night and combined with the warm temperatures all the snow except what you see is gone! I think I prefer the white snow to the brown and gray *sigh*

Sorry about the mess, those are our newly dug garden beds that will be started this coming spring. As you can see there is no shortage of rocks...eek!

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As always, hugs and thanks for popping by for a visit!


Bead and Needle said…
Glad it was warm enough to melt, instead of freeze on top of the snow. I'm afraid we might be in for another really hot summer, with everything warming up so soon. The Blog Party's been great - have found some great new blogs - yours included. Happy Thursday - Tanya
Hi Beth
We too were a victim of this strange weather phenomenon and now it has turned colder again.
Hmm, fairly large sized new beds for spring, just think of all the new plants!
All those rocks could be used to form an effective dry riverbed; I've even seen one with a bridge over it.
Quinn said…
Still blowing here! I don't miss the snow, because it very kindly took most of the ice along with it. :)
Pam said…
That's what it looked like here yesterday, then I woke up this morning to snow! Snowed most of the day, but the wind just blew it all around!
The weather has been crazy here too! We have a huge branch down from our old ash tree! UGH Luckily nothing was harmed from its fall! Looking forward to seeing your garden beds this spring! Hope we get some more pretty snow to finish off the winter! All the best!
Lucky you! I love winter, I really and truly do (for starters I find it much easier on my health than summer - especially the brutal dog days of summer), but that deep yearning for spring's return has set in and I'm already counting down the days until we wake up to a similar sudden disappearance of snow.

Wishing you a joyful, fantastic February, dear Beth!

♥ Jessica
Jennifer Shelby said…
I'm a little jealous of all those rocks! When I started my gardens at this house, I was over-run by rocks. So I made raised beds, using the rocks for the 'walls' and was soon hooked. Nowadays, when I want/need another, we have to drive around looking for a good stash of rocks. But they look so pretty...
Jennifer Shelby said…
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Donna said…
My gardens looked like this until Friday when the snow returned and another foot of fresh snow is now spread over everything.