Bunnies spinning out of control...

OMGosh! I wonder how much wool spinning would have been accomplished in olden times if so much thought had to go into the spinning wheel? OK, I have to admit that the next question coming to mind was what was the quality of their yarns? 
Spinning wheel conundrums are leaking out of my head... ratios - fast or slow or somewhere in between... Irish or Scottish tension, single treadle, double treadle... drafting at the proper pace to keep up with the twist being made by the wheel...where does a girl go for the RIGHT answers?  Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY!


How's this for a bunny? She's a German giant angora, which yes before you ask, I am considering! Only one caveat, they are so big and have so much fur that simply plucking the fur probably won't work and she would have to be shorn like sheep... not too sure I want to learn to do that. My last bunny, albeit not the angora variety, had to have her toe nails trimmed and I don't know which one of us got more stressed out (I think it was me actually)! LOL!

Who knew one would be faced with such complex decisions? All I did was fall in love with the idea of owning a couple of angora bunnies and almost as quickly the idea of spinning with their beautiful fur implanted itself in my unsuspecting brain.

Oh, and of course there are the aesthetic questions of traditional wheels or some funny looking modern version? I confess I am a bit of a traditionalist but I also wonder how many of our foremothers would have spun at the current market price of spinning wheels, eek!

Also keeping in mind that my Mr. Honey Bunny is a-mechanical I feel I have been thrown to the wolves to fin for myself... almost in tears over the whole conversation! I do so want those little angora bunnies, well, really I have wanted a bunny for sometime now, ever since my beloved little girl bunny passed away almost a year ago. I also want to learn to spin on some shape and form of a wheel. And before you ask, yes I have done the drop spindle thing and let's just say I would like to be able to make enough yarn to make something with, say, in this life time! :D

So choices for spinning... ready? Here we go...

One step above the drop spindle is the kick spindle at $155 with shipping and unfinished
interesting but not so fibro friendly...and moving on...

Next down the runway is the spindle spinning wheel
which as the name suggests, uses a spindle rather than interchangeable bobbins, unfinished
at $280 with shipping... hmm, maybe we are getting warmer but that's a lot of money for basically a spindle on steroids... and we move on...
Then there is this bicycle looking one and probably very efficient but nothing traditional looking about her and at the price of $322 with shipping and unfinished - we move on to the next contender...

Well, this gal has all the traditional lines one imagines a spinning wheel to have but unfinished she jumps into a whole new category of $449 with shipping and only one treadle (I guess I pretty much have made up my mind that two treadles make more since for my body's needs)

 this next baby still has somewhat of a traditional look and feel while being more compact than the previous model (definitely a consideration in my small converted barn home) plus she has double treadles - unfinished she comes in at $449 with shipping
And last but not least is this electric model which really in no way resembles a spinning wheel. However, she is considered a production model meaning you can spin a lot of yarn in a relatively short span of time - great if one wants to sell handspun yarn, as I do. She is made to order by one person and whom is also a spinner at the price tag of  $259 with shipping.
Yes, she also comes unfinished as well but another plus is she comes completely assembled whereas all of the other wheels shown in this post must.... you guessed it, they must all be put together by... little ole' me! eek!
Probably the only drawback to this girl (aside from no resemblance to a traditional spinning wheel) is this baby being electric, makes a fair bit more noise than the rhythmic sound of the manual wheels spinning around in their meditative motion. She sounds like a sewing machine, which of course isn't horrible just different when thinking of a spinning wheel...and the process of spinning. 

Well I have some time to think about these options while I wait for said bunnies to be conceived, born and sexed once they are several weeks old... (only want girl bunnies because we know how bunnies can be... one minute you have two bunnies and the next you have 12)! Not quite ready to jump into the breeder category, yet! Baby steps Beth, baby steps... see what I mean about being a Sagittarius and wanting to do everything! LOL!

I'll be sure to keep you all posted - be still your hearts - 
as the spinning/bunny saga continues to unfold...

As always, Hugs and thanks for popping by for a visit!


Your amazing! The fact that you are going to spin your own yarn is something that 99.9% of the population will never do! Your ambition and talents are incredible! I like the old fashioned spinning wheels myself. And those bunnies..OH My! Just want to squeeze them! Let us know how it's going...I can't wait to see what you choose!
Acorn to Oak said…
Oh my gosh...that bunny is amazing! I can't believe how big it is! And, it's SO beautiful! So many choices on the wheel. It could be a difficult decision. I like the one above the electric one best. A double treadle would be nice. It's pretty. And, the compactness would be nice...especially for travel to spinning events. My choice of wheel was totally based on price. I got my first one for $100 and a hand woven towel I'd made. My second one was free as someone at my hubby's work was cleaning out her craft room and decided she'd never use it. That was awesome! Good luck with your decision. Can't wait to see your new bunny and which wheel you get. Have fun! :-D
Decisions, decisions...and that giant angora is, well huge! I've never been inclined to do any spinning but a couple of local ladies do, and they have a big frame for weaving too. I'm content to buy what they produce so I certainly can't help you with your choices Beth.
I do find it nice that you have a dream and are going to follow it and I look forward to your bunny tales.
jengd said…
Jeez Louise! That's not a rabbit! That's a fuzzy behemoth! Wow! Good luck with the decisions and such!
Michelle said…
I started with a used $200 Louet; later got a sturdier, older Louet for $350 (and eventually sold the first for what I paid for it), then learned how to drop-spindle (and started collecting Turkish spindles), and finally got a Hansen miniSpinner. I probably do as much spinning on my Turkish spindles because they are so portable and I can do a little here, there, and everywhere.
Wonderful vintage inspiration and I just adore the bunnies! xo Pam
Annabelle said…
That big bunny is just gorgeous!
While in NZ I watched some spinning on a sheep farm and she made it look easy - but she had already years of practise. Looks fascinating though - doubt the bunnies would look as pretty when bald (I sure did not!)
Annabelle said…
That big bunny is just gorgeous!
While in NZ I watched some spinning on a sheep farm and she made it look easy - but she had already years of practise. Looks fascinating though - doubt the bunnies would look as pretty when bald (I sure did not!)
Elisabeth said…
Oooh all of those spinning wheels are lovely, I think the traditional one is so nice. Ones like that always remind me of fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty :) My aunt bought one vitually identical to the one in your fifth photo just before christmas and is really happy with it. I had a go spinning on it and it was really fun. I thought the double treadle would be difficult to master but it wasn't at all. I'll look forward to seeing what you decide on :) Elisabeth x
gin said…
Thst bunny is gorgeous! I never thougt of using a bunny for yarn.
Jennifer Shelby said…
oh those bunnies are so adorable. I think you will need to take thousands of pictures when you finally have them to share with us! I wish you much luck with your spinning wheel selection. My mind is rather boggled and I'm glad I don't have to make that decision!
*Squeals aloud from the overwhelming cuteness* My stars, those are some fabulously adore bunnies! This post was just the dose of furry critter sweetness that my Saturday needed. Thank you very much, sweet friend.

Oodles of thanks as well for both of your terrific blog comments this week, I really appreciate them.

Big hugs,
♥ Jessica
Hi Elizabeth, Christine from Little Brags coming for a visit. you are a crafty one....your blog is very impressive.I LOVE bunnies....I have an American Fuzzy Lop....needs to be brushed all the time....what a pain that can be....Did you ever get the Angora one??? here is a link to my sons bunny