Happy Valentine's Day!


As I searched for the appropriate thoughts to post on this most love filled day of the year I received a blog post from a new friend, Carolyn at "This Grandmothers Garden" and knew I could not achieve any better than her words.

So, I would love for you to enjoy her post as well and pop over to read this beautiful ode to love for yourselves... then come back by for some crochet heart tutorials...


How Many Ways to Crochet a Heart? Hmm, let's see...
Free Tutorial at Cherry Heart
Quick Tutorial from Maybe Matilda
Crochet Hearts Photo Tutorial
Another cute heart - click on image to go to the YouTube video
This cutie is from Crocknits blog
Crochetology for this tutorial
this cute heart is from Tolentreasures
Sorry, these last hearts I couldn't find a tutorial for most of them...


This is a heart for sale over at Etsy so I didn't bother with a link. I found the picture on Pinterest
There is a pattern for these little feminine looking hearts but it is in Russian. However, the designer also gave us a chart so you should be able to figure it out... link
I found the pattern for this one over at Ravelry
Best Free Crochet - free pattern
they call this a dish cloth, er,  not so much!
Bunny Mummy: Sunburst Granny Hearts pattern
Well, I think I should bring this post to some closure or I could just go on and on... and on! LOL! I certainly never entertained the idea that there were so many ways to make a crocheted heart, who knew?! I even discovered a couple of crochet focused blogs that I had not known about before today... all in all I think that might be able to take the place of the missing valentines chocolates... er, maybe not! LOL! 
As always, Hugs and thanks for popping by for a visit...


Bead and Needle said…
The red and white dishcloth (HA!) reminds me of the old crocheted pincushions with the ribbon woven through the edging. Happy Valentines Day, Beth! Tanya
Acorn to Oak said…
So many pretty hearts and inspiration. Thank you!

Happy Valentine's Day!
I dabbled a bit with crocheting years ago but seeing all these wonderful hearts, and to know there are tutorials, I'm going to buy myself some hooks and try again.
Thanks for the inspiration Beth. (love the supposedly dishcloth)
Happy Valentine's Day.
Diana Seal said…
WOW, the are all gorgeous but the red and white dish cloth is definitely my favorite!
Thanks for sharing all those pretty hearts!
Happy Valentines Day!
LisaS said…
What a wonderful bunch of hearts. Happy Valentines day!
Elisabeth said…
Lovely collection of hearts! I hope you had a lovely Valentine's day :) Elisabeth x
Jennifer Shelby said…
What a treasure trove of love this post is! Happy Valentine's Day to you from Evening and I!
I need to learn how to crochet so that I can make these for my beans!! There may be a class in my future! Thank you as usual for inspiring me to do more!!!
Nancy Claeys said…
These are all so cute and wonderful. Thank you for sharing!
Sarah Jane said…
I didn't think you could crochet some many kinds of hearts either! Of course I can't crochet anything...only knit :-)
Hope your weekend is going well!
Sarah x
Carole said…
Love all the hearts dear Elisabet. I have quite a collection of them myself and they are fun to crochet. I'm on my way to check out This Grandmothers Garden. Big hugs, Carole